21 Acres Kitchen Activity

21 Acres Kitchen Activity

  • posted on: September 24, 2013
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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Soup pots

Hello from the kitchen!  It’s been a real busy morning here.  We started at 5:30 am and have most everything prepped for tomorrow’s Market meals.  I came across some beautiful squash and thought it was time to whip up some Fall deliciousness.  After roasting and pureeing over 20lbs of these bright beauties (they look like pumpkins but are so much brighter and sweeter!), half of them are going into an Apple-Squash Spice Bisque and the other half will be going into some of Asako’s amazing tarts.  This time of year brings so many root vegetables and colorful peppers, our menu will be full of color and flavor.  Let’s see what kind of ideas tomorrowbrings! From the kitchen, have an amazing and beautiful Fall day!

— Sue