Progress on Bioswales

Progress on Bioswales

  • posted on: September 11, 2013
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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compost rush

A big thank you to Molbak’s for donating compost bags for our bioswale project! Native plants will be installed this week. In the month of July, the first phase of the bioswale project started. It’s the first stage of most environmental ejuvenation projects – removing invasive species and weeds.  It took many long hours in the hot summer sun with volunteer help from UW Bothell students and friends from the community. Thistle six feet tall and spreading over 30 feet wide has been removed and weekly weeding workshops have been ongoing to remove reoccurring weeds. Now that the reed-canary grass, thistle, and other weeds are practically gone, native sedges are spreading throughout the site. Slough sedge (Carex ubnupta) and Sawbeak sedge (Carex stipata) are flourishing where the old invasive plants and weeds used to be. It’s a wonderful site to see in the 21 Acres rain gardens!