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So, our new food hub driver/distributor/marketer Chelsea is on vacation so I’m doing the food hub deliveries this week.  I find that any time that I fill in as the driver, I am treated to heart-warming interactions with our farmers and our buyers.  Here are two situations from this week:

1.We received a last minute email from an owner of a Seattle hot new food truck.  She wanted to order lettuce through the hub from a farm in La Conner but didn’t know how many to order because she didn’t know how large the heads were.  She emailed me at 5 pm and we emailed the farmer who said she’d gladly run out to the field and snap a photo for the customer.  At 8 pm tonight we received a photo of gorgeous gigantic heads of lettuce – two to three times the size found from a typical commercial distributor or in a grocery store, bright green and exquisite.  Here’s what she just sent in an email, “They’re gorgeous! I’ll take 45 heads, we’ll use them for our pork belly wraps too. Yum! Thanks so so much for taking a pic and letting me order past closing for today. Can’t wait to put your name on my menu! I’ll put in an order through 21 acres right now.” (more…)

Erik and Matt at 6 amShane, Erik, Matt and ChelseaChelsea pausing a moment while loading truck

It was a very early start this morning to another exciting day for the 21 Acres Food Hub. Chelsea Gabrielle is our new driver/distributor/marketer for the hub: She met farmers, Mat and Erik from the newly formed Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative; Lucy Norris, Northwest Agriculture Business Center; and Shane Moss, Not Yet Foundation, at 6 am at 21 Acres, to load 200+ boxes of locally grown produce destined for home bound and fragile seniors in Seattle.

Here’s an excerpt from an email from Lucy that just arrived after the rendezvous at the hub:

“Congratulations to the Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative! This morning at 6:00 a.m. marked their inaugural delivery as a Co-op! SVFC is playing a key role in a privately funded project led by NABC, in partnership with City of Seattle Human Services Aging and Disability Div. and 21 Acres Food Hub to deliver fresh, organic produce bags to low-income, homebound seniors in King County this summer. This important program is launching a new farm business while increasing access to healthy food.” (more…)