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The Tuesdays@21 talks have been so inspirational and offered me a chance to connect with some amazing folks doing great work in improving our food systems and natural environments.  In February, Missy Anderson, the Queen Bee, and Eli Bloom, a graduate student doing research on the 21 Acres farm, gave a great presentation on pollinators and in particular, the orchard mason bee.


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On Saturday, July 19, 21 Acres hosted our summer member event:  Pesto Through the Seasons.  It was a great opportunity for members to meet each other and 21 Acres’ staff, tour the farm, and have a cooking lesson from our amazing chefs.

Cooler weather and cloudy skies made for an enjoyable time on the farm after our heat wave the previous week.  Mary gave us a brief overview of the farm, what is growing, and a few gardening tips.  We did a taste test of curly and flat-leafed parsley, harvested carrots and basil, checked out the tomato progress in the greenhouse, and everyone survived a mini obstacle course as we shimmied around gates and traveled over uneven ground.  We were a hardy bunch. (more…)