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S'Tasty E-Book

All of us at 21 Acres extend our sincere congratulations to Vicky McDonald for publishing her very first e-book.  As some of you may know, Vicky has volunteered for 21 Acres this past year and given tirelessly of her time.  She helped us launch this 21 Acres’ blog and provided much creative energy and insight in areas related to communications.  Here’s the email Vicky sent letting us know about her accomplishment:

“I’m very excited to announce that I have my published my very first ebook. Wohoo! After blogging for over two years, I decided to release a short book of gluten-free recipes. I don’t cook gluten-free all the time, but I am always amazed at how popular my gluten-free recipes are, so I dedicated some time […] You may view the latest post at regards, S’tasty”

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hazelnuts (1 of 1)

One of the many great local products we stock in the 21 Acres Market is hazelnuts from Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards. The Holmquist family produces locally grown hazelnuts, hazelnut oil, hazelnut flour and hazelnut butter in Lynden, Washington. Comparitively, Washington State is a small producer of hazelnuts, with Oregon producing the lion’s share of American hazelnuts.  Interestingly, most of the worlds hazelnuts are actually grown in Turkey – halfway around the globe. (more…)


The cheese making course held this May was a great success. It was a full class and we all got to take home some butter and cheese from the day. It was very hands on, and we all got to experience the cheese making process for ourselves. Chris Feller, our teacher was fun and informative. We started off by making a simple ricotta. We used beautiful organic milk from Fresh breeze organic dairy. The milk was divinely creamy and rich – prefect for fresh cheese. It was an interesting process making the ricotta, and we all got involved straining the curds and whey. We whipped up a huge batch in no time. (more…)


Chopping vegetables is usually one of those boring tasks you have to do. However, once you learn how to chop vegetables correctly, you begin to get a certain satisfaction from doing it right. Good knife skills also make you a more efficient cook and your food will look and taste better.I went along to Barb Sowatsky’s Knife Skills course last Saturday at 21 Acres, and have been happily practicing my new chopping skills ever since. We were each presented with a block of Wusthof knives, all perfectly sharpened. (more…)