Youth Education Program

The successful future of our food system is highly dependent upon our children’s understanding of how and where food is produced and how it gets to consumers. We provide myriad opportunities for youth to get excited and involved.

Learn and Grow!

The 21 Acres Youth Education Program is thriving – field trips, farm camps, culinary classes, and special events take place all year. We provide fun environments, like our Certified Organic farm and local foods kitchen, where kids can connect to the places where wholesome food is grown, harvested, and prepared. Each program is thoughtfully designed to address the question: “Where does my food come from?” We’re dedicated to answering it and energizing future generations to play an active role in engaging with their local food systems.

Field Trips

Interested in bringing your class out to explore the farm? We have programs that encourage discovery and exploration of environmental stewardship for children from Pre-K up through high school.


Explore the changing seasons on the farm


Take part in farm-to-table activities


Connect the classroom to the great outdoors

Saturdays on the Farm
  • Bring the family for a day on the farm -- all ages welcome, from youth to adult!
  • Everyone gets to explore the farm and learn how food moves from the fields to the table
  • Our farmers and chefs work together to create family-friendly lunches with fresh ingredients that highlight the changing harvest
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Farm Camp
  • Week long camps in the summer out on the farm
  • Campers explore the farm and kitchen, learning new skills and having fun
  • For ages 4 to 6, 7 to 12, and 13 to 18
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Cultivating Cooks
  • Cooking skills for kids, 8-16 years old
  • Builds confidence and teaches appreciation for use of local ingredients
  • Explore in our 101, 201, or 301 classes
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