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  • Apple Luscious Orchard
    Apple Luscious Orchards is full of organic apple trees. external link
  • Aria Environmental
    Aria Environmental stands out as an industry leader in the pursuit for non-toxic (or least toxic) integrated pest management services. external link
  • Backyard Greenhouse
    Backyard Greenhouse provides herbs and veggetable starts. external link
  • Bay Hay and Feed
    Bay Hay and Feed provides plants and organic garden supplies, and is committed to following sustainable practices. external link
  • Biringer
    Biringer Nursery specializes in bare root fruit, flowering, shade trees and deciduous shrubs. The nursery engages in sustainable practices and does not use pesticides on their fruit trees (only Sulphur sprays). external link
  • Black Lake Nursery and Feed
    Black Lake Nursery and Feed provides customers with organic fertilizers and seasonally stock a variety of landscape plants, annuals, perennials, vegetable starts, etc. external link
  • Black Lake Organic
    Black Lake Organic specializes in organic soils. external link
  • Botanical Interests
    Botanical Interests has over 170 varieties of organic seeds. external link
  • Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchard
    Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchard carries an extensive collection of organic nut trees, fruit trees, & berries. While they practice organic farming, some of their nursery stock coming from elsewhere is not, so you have to ask on a case by case basis. You can mail order their products or purchase them at the Olympia Farmer’s Market. external link
  • Cascade Cuts
    Cascade Cuts has veggie starts, herbs, blueberries, grapes, and some perennials and annuals. external link
  • City People’s Mercantile
    City People’s Mercantile provides the Seattle community with a selection of quality plants, as well as organic and natural products (such as fertilizers) to help you grow them. external link
  • Clean Air Lawn Care
    Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle is the area’s leading sustainable and organic lawn care company. They provide full-service and environmentally-friendly lawn maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. Clean Air Lawn Care provides a great alternative to the traditional, highly-polluting, and chemical-using lawn care services. external link
  • Dirty Knees
    Dirty Knees uses organic growing methods, no pesticides and no chemical fertilizers. They stock herbs and veggies starts, perennials, culinary herbs, etc. external link
  • Essential Gardeners
    Essential Gardeners LLC specializes in organic landscaping methods. external link
  • I Must Garden
    I Must Garden provides safe gardening and pest control products that are earth, people, and pet friendly. Products are made from all-natural ingredients. external link
  • Langley Fine Gardens
    Langley Fine Gardens has herbs, veggie starts, some perennials, and some annuals. external link
  • Molbak’s
    Molbak’s provides a wide selection of garden supplies, gear, and décor, as well as a large variety of indoor and outdoor plants. external link
  • Olympic Lavender Farm
    Olympic Lavender Farm provides USDA certified Organic lavender. external link
  • PCC
    PCC is the largest consumer-owned natural food retail co-operative in the United States. PCC is a sustainable business that supports local and sustainable agriculture and sells a lot of healthy, organic and local food; a sustainable business. external link
  • Peaceful Valley
    Peaceful Valley provides organic berries and vegetables. You can find their plants at City People’s Mercantile. external link
  • Piper’s Creek Nursery
    Piper’s Creek Nursery carries a wide selection of native plants, trees, hardy ornamentals, berries, grasses, and ground covers. The nursery provides local, sustainable and organic products, and specializes in rare NW plants. external link
  • Rents Due Ranch
    Rents Due Ranch provides customers with veggie starts and fresh, local, and organic produce. external link
  • Seeds of Change
    Seeds of Change provides GMO free, 100% certified organic flower, herb, and vegetable seeds. external link
  • Shambala Permaculture Farm and Bakery
    Shambala Permaculture Farm and Bakery provides customers with organic edibles and plants. They stock native shrubs, herbs, nut trees, berries, rhubarb, perennial edibles, etc. external link
  • Sky Nursery
    Sky Nursery provides a wide selection of local plants including annuals, perennials, water plants, shrubs and trees of every size, shape, color, and texture. external link
  • Swansons Nursery
    Swansons Nursery is dedicated to supporting and promoting organic, sustainable gardening, and provides a wide variety of plant and gardening products. external link
  • Territorial Seeds
    Territorial Seeds provides customers with organic seeds. The company is committed to improving people's self-sufficiency and independence by enabling gardeners to produce an abundance of good tasting, fresh from the garden food, twelve months a year. external link
  • Waltz Organic Fertilizer
    Waltz Organic Fertilizer provides a variety of organic and sustainable products for both large-scale landscapers and home gardeners. Products include fertilizers, soils, compost, cover crops, vegetable starts, seeds, organic hay and straw, chicken feed, and NW natives and fruit trees. external link
  • WEdesign
    WEdesign is focused on creating 100% organic, sustainable landscapes that provide food, privacy, shade, and enjoyment. The company offers design, installation, and maintenance services. external link
  • West Seattle Nursery
    West Seattle Nursery provides a large variety of plants, tress, berries, soils, chicken feed, etc. external link