Sammamish Valley Seed Swap

Sammamish Valley Seed Swap

  • posted on: February 26, 2019
  • posted by: Eva Jacobson
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21 Acres and Sammamish Valley Alliance are partnering for the third annual Sammamish Valley Seed Swap!

The rise of modern agricultural practices has led to a drastic decline in genetic crop diversity, meanwhile seeds are increasingly being controlled by large conglomerates making it difficult for anyone without financial or legal means to have enough access to seeds. 21 Acres believes the right to healthy, sustainably produced food should be universal, and the cornerstone of food sovereignty. Understanding the importance and fragility of individual access to seeds is vital to strengthening our food system and food security.

Join us Saturday, March 2, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. and learn to save, grow and share seeds! Below is information on a Seed Swap, if you’ve never been. And, if you’re still shopping for seeds, make sure you check out the Organic selection in the 21 Acres Market from Deep Harvest Farm. We’ve also included a list below of our preferred seed catalogs. Happy shopping! Happy growing! Happy saving!

Seed Swap information and rules:
– Bring cleaned/hulled seeds that are no more than three years old.
– Seed company seeds in their original packaging are fine.
– Seeds collected from your garden are great as long as they were not collected from hybrid plants (because they won’t reproduce correctly). Heirloom seeds are terrific!
– Include as much info about the seeds as you can (botanical and varietal name if you have it, where they grow, how many days to harvest, year collected, etc.)
– Bring envelopes or other packaging to put your seeds in.
– This is a No-GMO seed swap.
– A microscope will be available to observe under a lens.
– A DIY station will be set up to make seed packets.

Our favorite seed catalogs:
High Mowing Organic Seeds
Irish Eyes Garden Seeds
The Territorial Seed Company
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Rare Seeds
Osborne Seed Company
Seed Savers Exchange
Seeds of Change
Kitazawa Seed Company
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Tomato Growers Supply Company
Johnny’s Selected Seeds