come visit our kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our building and serves as a model for food ethics in action. We make cooking from scratch with whole, pure ingredients easy and fun. We emulate a closed-loop system (a system in which waste (output) gets used as farm input in the form of compost), so that the impacts of kitchen activities, from sourcing ingredients, to operational practices, to waste stream management, result in minimal carbon emissions.

The incubator kitchen also serves early-stage, budding food entrepreneurs, artisan food processors, and farmers developing value-added products. And, our kitchen creates all the menus, food prep, and processing for the Farm Market and 21 Acres’ events.

Rental Kitchen & Incubator

We love to help farmers and artisan food producers who share our values. In our incubator kitchen, we offer:

  • Processing space with shared equipment and facilities
  • Co-packing staff and infrastructure
  • Connections with professionals skilled and knowledgeable about bringing products to market
  • “Concept to recipe” development connections
  • “Bottling to labeling” connections
  • Marketing and distribution connections
  • Pesticide-free, locally-sourced, earth-friendly products and packaging