The media has a huge influence on the stories we tell one another and how we experience the world. Take a look at these media sources—books, magazines, blogs and more that communicate the story of the thriving movement toward a more sustainable world.  Click here for a list of books and DVD titles available from the 21 Acres Library.


  • Eco-friendly Mama USA
    Jess uses her blog to share what she has learned while researching products for her own children with other parents. She describes herself as “a mama on a mission to provide good quality, eco-friendly AND child-friendly products for my family!” external link
  • Northwest Herbivore
    On Northwest Herbivore you’ll find tips on where to eat out, recipes for your own kitchen, news items that affect the Northwest region and other resources to help you take advantage of all that the PNW has to offer. external link
  • Seattle Local Food
    Seattle Local Food offers a mix of nutrition, recipes, deliciousness, and sustainability. They focus on local foods of the Pacific Northwest and simple, wholesome ingredients, encouraging visitors to share delicious food, get accurate health information, eat sustainably, and live well. external link
  • The Local Forager
    Denise Breyley, "The Local Forager," travels around the Pacific Northwest and meets farmers, ranchers and producers who supply our tables with fresh, locally grown food. She shares stories and photos from her journeys to farms, shops and restaurants from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. external link
  • Third Place Books
    Third Place Books is a local business (in Ravenna and Lake Forest Park) that buys and sells a large selection of used books, school supplies, gifts, etc.). external link