The media has a huge influence on the stories we tell one another and how we experience the world. Take a look at these media sources—books, magazines, blogs and more that communicate the story of the thriving movement toward a more sustainable world.  Click here for a list of books and DVD titles available from the 21 Acres Library.


  • Anne Livingston
    Anne Livingston is a professionally trained cook, recipe developer, food photographer, food stylist, and teacher. She has a regular column, "Cooking Fresh," in Edible Seattle Magazine. Her blog shares recipes, tips and photographs of great looking and tasting food. external link
  • Caramelize Life
    Caramelize Life explores the sweeter things of life through food, family, travel and community. The blog includes information and recommendations regarding food preservation techniques (including drying, freezing, canning and dry storage), recipes, cookbooks, food blogs, events, travel locations, and outdoor activities. external link
  • CHOW Down Seattle
    CHOW Down Seattle is a Seattle food blog that contains a variety of reviews of local restaurants, food related events and news. external link
  • Cookus Interruptus
    Cookus Interruptus is an online cooking show with ~170 free how-to videos on how to cook fresh local organic whole foods despite life's interruptions. The site also features books and kitchen equipment. external link
  • Eating Richly
    Eating Richly provides tips and recipes for eating healthy on a budget. external link
  • Eco-friendly Mama USA
    Jess uses her blog to share what she has learned while researching products for her own children with other parents. She describes herself as “a mama on a mission to provide good quality, eco-friendly AND child-friendly products for my family!” external link
  • Evergreen Moms
    Artisans and small businesses across the Northwest are making some fantastic products for children and families... every weekday Evergreen Moms, Lori and Heather, spotlight these businesses and products, letting readers know all about the latest in eco-friendly and unique toys and clothing and gear for families. external link
  • Farmgirl Gourmet
    Heather Scholten, author of Farmgirl Gourmet and co-founder of Spiceologist, is dedicated to inspiring home cooks to think outside of the box and make real food from local, sustainable and homegrown sources. Her blog offers readers a variety of recipes and cooking tips. external link
  • Frantic Foodie
    Frantic Foodie writer, Keren Brown, is the author of the Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle. Her blog is jam-packed with information about the Seattle food scene, local specialties, markets, recipes, restaurants, and events. external link
  • Frugal Living NW
    The goal of the Frugal Living NW blog is to help readers find deals at local stores in and around the Pacific Northwest, ways to save online, recipes, and frugal living tips and inspiration. external link
  • Gapey's Grub
    Gapey's Grub is a food blog with a homesteading focus. The blog discusses the writer’s experiences not just with food, but with gardening, chicken raising and beekeeping. external link
  • Glass Recycling Facts
    An interesting article about one of the most commonly recycled items-- glass! external link
  • Gluten-Free Girl
    Gluten-Free Girl provides readers with helpful information and guides for people new to the gluten-free way of life as well as a variety of gluten-free recipes and information about inspirational local bakers, cider makers, chefs, photographers, etc. The authors of the blog have published several books and sell a gluten-free flour blend free form artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, etc. external link
  • Herbivoracious
    Herbivoracious is dedicated to reinvigorating vegetarian cuisine with modern culinary techniques and bold, authentic flavors. The blog contains a variety of recipes and tips for cooking vegetarian meals, as well as recommendations of restaurants to try and cookbooks and cooking utensils/appliances to use. external link
  • In Praise of Leftovers
    In Praise of Leftovers is a blog dedicated to helping people figure out what to do with those pesky leftovers in the fridge. Sarah is passionate about making delicious meals with whatever is around, rescuing ailing vegetables from the brink, and taking advantage of simple things like dried beans or grains. external link
  • Karista's Kitchen
    Karista’s Kitchen provides readers with an enticing, sometimes eclectic selection, of whole food and seasonal recipes prepared from the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. external link
  • Kim O'Donnel
    Kim O'Donnel’s blog promotes cooking-related events, news, cookbook picks and blow-your-mind recipes. The first Meatless Monday blogger on record, Kim is a known authority on the continuing trend of eating less meat for health and environmental reasons. external link
  • Kitchen Treaty
    Kitchen Treaty strives to achieve mealtime peace, one family-friendly, easy-made, real-food meal at a time. Regardless of dietary limitations! Most recipes provided on this blog are either diet-neutral (i.e. recipes that are vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free, but still appeal to most everyone) or flexible (i.e. recipes with optional meat, dairy substitutions, or vegan alternatives). Many recipes are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and/or dairy-free. external link
  • MomStart
    MomStart is a top parenting blog for all kinds of information from parenting to travel to entertainment. Momstart provides readers with ideas for recipes and DIY projects, tips for saving money, and reviews of products. external link
  • Northwest Edible
    Northwest Edible posts edible gardening tips and growing experiments, free downloadables to help you organize your home and garden, DIY tutorials, recipes, growing guides, ramblings and rants from a garden-obsessed chef and more. external link
  • Northwest Herbivore
    On Northwest Herbivore you’ll find tips on where to eat out, recipes for your own kitchen, news items that affect the Northwest region and other resources to help you take advantage of all that the PNW has to offer. external link
  • Orangette
    Orangette is a blog written by local author, chef, restaurant owner, and podcast co-host Molly Wizenberg. The blog contains a large variety of recipes and information about local food, events, etc. external link
  • ParentMap
    ParentMap is a Seattle-based, award-winning magazine that aims at providing parents with fascinating research, news, and get-out-of-the-house-now ideas for adventure and enrichment with their kids! external link
  • Reading My Tea Leaves
    Blog writer, Erin, embraces the notion that “living small” is beneficial and accessible to all. Her blog, Reading My Tea Leaves, explores and promotes ways that living simply and purposefully is more sustainable not only for the environment, but for individual happiness and well-being. external link
  • Red Tricycle
    Red Tricycle’s mission is to help parents feel like rock stars by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids. Red Tricycle wades through the multitude of fun ideas for kid friendly activities and fun to present you with a small, well-edited list of activities. external link
  • Roll With Jen
    Roll With Jen posts on the latest food and lifestyle trends in the Seattle area, in addition to covering unique international and domestic travel experiences. external link
  • Rural Eating
    Lynne Curry’s blog, Rural Eating, is based on her life in rural Oregon and celebrates homemade, local, whole food. The recipes included on her blog are aimed at using whatever is on hand, taking advantage of what’s in season and eliminating food waste. external link
  • Savory Sweet Life
    Savory Sweet Life is run by Alice Currah, local cook, baker, writer, and photographer. Her blog contains a variety of recipes many of which are vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, dairy-free, and/or gluten-free. external link
  • Seattle Food Geek
    Seattle Food Geek is maintained by culinary technologist and entrepreneur Scott Heimendinger. The blog has a variety of videos talking about food and cooking, tips and examples of food photography for food bloggers, and instructions for a $75 DIY Sous Vide Machine. external link
  • Seattle Local Food
    Seattle Local Food offers a mix of nutrition, recipes, deliciousness, and sustainability. They focus on local foods of the Pacific Northwest and simple, wholesome ingredients, encouraging visitors to share delicious food, get accurate health information, eat sustainably, and live well. external link
  • Seattle Pockets
    Seattle Pockets is intended to spread the word about Seattle experiences, a few stay-at-home ideas, and some personal “inside pockets.” It includes information about and reviews of local products and businesses, restaurants, events, etc. Seattle Pockets supports many charities. external link
  • Seattle’s Child
    Since 1979, Seattle’s Child has been informing, empowering and educating local parents. Their website updates parents on events, information on schools, health issues and more. The mission of Seattle’s Child is to help Seattleites get to know their city by helping them find things to do, places to eat, and ways to get around — with kids in tow. external link
  • Slow Food Seattle
    Slow Food Seattle offers educational events and activities to promote sustainability and biodiversity and connect farmers, cooks, educators, students and everyone else who cares about their food and the environment. The blog keeps readers informed of local events, organizations, activities, etc. to do with local foods, farms, and sustainability. external link
  • Tea & Cookies
    Tea & Cookies is a blog, written by Tara Austen Weaver, dedicated to sharing delicious recipes, inspiring books and photographs, and stories of the author’s life & garden in Seattle. external link
  • The Farm Chicks
    Serena Thompson, author of The Farm Chicks, producer of The Farm Chicks Vintage and Handmade Fair (held the first full weekend of June each year in Spokane) and Contributing Editor of Country Living Magazine, writes about her life and many passions (including food, health, gardening, and home décor) on her blog, The Farm Chicks. external link
  • The Gluten Free Doctor
    The Gluten Free Doctor's blog is an accumulation of the doctor’s many interests including medicine, food, and life skills related to gluten-free living. external link
  • The Latina Locavore
    The Latina Locavore is a local food and wine hobbyist passionate about Slow Food and Farm to Table/Farm to Fork. She supports the local food economy through her own purchasing practices and by influencing others to make conscious consumer decisions by sourcing her food/ingredients and shopping at local co-ops and Farmer’s Markets. external link
  • The Local Forager
    Denise Breyley, "The Local Forager," travels around the Pacific Northwest and meets farmers, ranchers and producers who supply our tables with fresh, locally grown food. She shares stories and photos from her journeys to farms, shops and restaurants from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Her travels unearth new and distinctive products that you just might find in Whole Foods Market stores around the region. external link
  • The Plum Palate
    The Plum Palate reflects on local food as it relates to life, inside and outside the kitchen. Plum Palate writer, Jenni, shares stories from people who are on the ground growing, processing, and/or promoting good food. external link
  • The Sweet Seattle Life
    The Sweet Seattle Life is written by a Seattle couple with two kids, they post about beekeeping, their living roof, travel, and DIY projects. external link
  • The Vegan RD
    The Vegan RD is devoted to giving people the tools and knowledge they need to adopt a healthy vegan diet. external link
  • Third Place Books
    Third Place Books is a local business (in Ravenna and Lake Forest Park) that buys and sells a large selection of used books, school supplies, gifts, etc.). external link
  • Thrifty NW Mom
    Thrifty NW Mom is a one-stop resource for ways to save money all around the Pacific Northwest! You'll find everything from ways to save at the grocery store, online shopping deals, free or affordable family events in the Northwest, dining discounts, frugal DIY tips and much more! external link
  • Veg Girl RD
    Veg Girl RD provides tips and recipes and recommends restaurants, products, etc. for vegetarians looking to eat healthy. external link
  • Vegtastic
    Vegtastic is a vegan-centered blog that posts vegan recipes, reviews of packaged foods and products, recommendations for vegan beauty products, information on local caterers and restaurants as well as tips on shopping, travel, and events. external link
  • Your Home with Karie Engels
    Your Home with Karie Engels provides great recipes to feed your family, suggestions for wine, and decorating ideas for your home. Karie’s Farm to Table and Field to Plate page is dedicated to the healthy, fresh and sustainable lifestyle; she promotes pages and companies in order to provide readers with the latest news and tools while posting gardening ideas and fresh fruit, vegetable and wild game recipes. external link