Climate Action

Climate Action is Essential

Get informed on the most pressing issues in agriculture and green energy here.

Climate change affects each aspect of life on earth–especially our food system.

At 21 Acres, we focus on learning together as a community about green energy, soil health, regenerative farm practices, and the health of our local food systems as solutions to climate change.

The good news is that the way we grow and eat food, from worms to transportation, can be a solution.

You are a part of this movement. Get involved and commit to climate solutions in your community.

Green Energy

At the 21 Acres green building, we strive to incorporate the natural and the built environments. Transitioning to renewable energy and working to make building systems efficient are major steps in impacting climate change.


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Healthier soils lead to a cooler planet. Using historically and culturally tested land stewardship techniques, regenerative farm practices can draw carbon out of the atmosphere and use it to grow nutritious food for the community.


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In the Pacific Northwest, many natural spaces rely on thriving wetlands to support the health of the environment, humans, and agriculture.


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Take Action on Restoration.


Local Food Economies

We can support local food systems in a variety of ways that contribute to income for farmers, the health of our families, and the wellbeing of our planet.


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Take Action on Local Food Economies.


Climate Justice

Climate change affects all of us. Collective action can change that.


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Take Action on Climate Justice.


Talking about Climate Change

Talking about climate solutions to friends, family, coworkers, changemakers, and policy advocates can influence change in your community.


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Take Action by Talking About Climate Change.