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21 Acres offers fun, hands-on volunteer opportunities on our farm and surrounding wetland, connecting the community through agroecology, climate action, and the local food economy. If you want to make a difference for the climate, supporting your local farm is a great place to start!

21 Acres volunteers are passionate changemakers in climate action, sustainable agriculture, green energy, and our food systems.

Volunteer on the farm on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Register online here.

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Are you ready to join us on campus? Here are 3 easy steps to get started.

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2. New to 21 Acres? Fill out our Volunteer Application. For new and returning volunteers, please review our COVID-19 safety policy.

3. Read about our open positions and how to sign up below. Interested in contributing in a way that’s not listed? Let us know!

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Become a Volunteer Farmland Steward

As a Farmland Steward, get your hands dirty and learn about regenerative farm practices at 21 Acres! Wednesdays and Saturdays, 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Work alongside knowledgeable 21 Acres staff on a variety of seasonal restoration and farm projects that build soil health and get the farm in shape for the next growing season. Your help supports local food systems by increasing farm productivity; creating more native habitat for animals, birds, and insects; decreasing storm water runoff; and pulling carbon out of the atmosphere through green plant material. Activities include seeding, transplanting, planting, weeding, mulching, wheelbarrowing, and more!  

No prior farm experience required. All tools provided. 

To sign up:


Register online here.


Friends and family 13 years and older are welcome to join! Volunteers ages 13-15 need an adult participant volunteering with them, and anyone under the age of 18 needs a parent/guardian signature. 


COVID-19 Volunteer Policy


Please read our COVID-19 Volunteer Policy so you know what to expect when you arrive on campus.


Questions? Email

Become a Volunteer Beekeeper

Do you love honeybees? Join the 21 Acres Bee Club on Wednesdays from 10am – 3pm!


Volunteer Beekeepers at the 21 Acres farm help with weekly hive maintenance while learning about the domesticated insect Apis mellifera (honey bee). Volunteers will gain experience working with beehives and maintaining the apiary. You will team up with Apiary Manager Nan Affleck Hardt and other volunteers, providing support so the bees can do their important job on the farm – pollinating and producing honey.


Seasonal activities range from hive inspections, feeding the bees, identifying and treating pests, maintaining structures and equipment, and wax and honey harvesting! 


New Volunteer Beekeepers:


  • Beekeeping has a learning curve. We request that volunteers in the apiary commit to volunteering for three consecutive months.
  • Beekeeping is physically demanding work and requires heavy lifting. Although we generally work in pairs, a beehive box can weigh between 70-90 lbs and requires a fair amount of strength to lift.
  • In addition, for your own health and safety it is better if you do not work in the apiary if you are allergic to bees.
  • Please let us know before you begin volunteering if you have never been stung.


Get Started as a Volunteer Beekeeper


All beekeeping positions are currently filled. To join the waitlist, please email


Returning Volunteers: Log in to your account and sign up here!