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21 Acres volunteers are passionate changemakers in climate action, agroecology, green energy, and our food systems.


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Farmland Stewards

Farm Steward Saturdays: 10 AM to 12:30 PM. Pre-register here

Work alongside knowledgeable 21 Acres staff on a variety of seasonal restoration and farm projects that build soil health and get the farm in shape for the next growing season. Your help supports local food systems by increasing farm productivity; creating more native habitat for animals, birds, and insects; decreasing storm water runoff; and pulling carbon out of the atmosphere through green plant material. Activities include seeding, transplanting, planting, weeding, mulching, wheelbarrowing, and more!  


No prior farm experience required. All tools provided. 

Are you part of a local community group, school, business, or faith group that would like to make an impact together? Check out our TEAMS EXPERIENCE PACKET to learn more about joining us on the farm for an engaging and educational event.


Friends and family 13 years and older are welcome to join! Volunteers ages 13-15 need an adult participant volunteering with them, and anyone under the age of 18 needs a parent/guardian signature. 


Questions? Email volunteer@21acres.org.

Volunteer Photographers

Want to help tell the story of 21 Acres? Volunteer Photographers play an important role in sharing our work with the community. From capturing our seasonal harvests to documenting special projects and events, Volunteer Photographers tell the story of local food systems and climate action through 21 Acres articles, events, newsletters, social media and more. This role is ideal for someone who wants to work on their portfolio of food and event photography. 


Qualifications: At least six months of experience in photography with knowledge of editing techniques. Must have a digital camera that isn’t your phone and your own editing software. 


By participating as a volunteer photographer or videographer, you grant permission for 21 Acres to use, without limitation or obligation, your photographs or other media to promote or interpret 21 Acres programs. We deeply value your contributions and acknowledge the skill and time involved in providing your services for free. We will credit you in our communications wherever we use your work. 


Email Hillary at volunteer@21acres.org for more information. 

Volunteer Beekeepers

Do you love honeybees? Join the 21 Acres Bee Club! All beekeeping positions are currently filled. To join the waitlist, please email volunteer@21acres.org.


Volunteer Beekeepers at the 21 Acres farm help with weekly hive maintenance while learning about the domesticated insect Apis mellifera (honey bee). Volunteers will gain experience working with beehives and maintaining the apiary. You will team up with Apiary Manager Nan Affleck Hardt and other volunteers, providing support so the bees can do their important job on the farm – pollinating and producing honey.


Seasonal activities range from hive inspections, feeding the bees, identifying and treating pests, maintaining structures and equipment, and wax and honey harvesting! 


To get started as a volunteer beekeeper:

  • Must be available on Wednesdays between 10 am and 3 pm.
  • Beekeeping has a learning curve. We request that volunteers in the apiary commit to volunteering for three consecutive months.
  • Beekeeping is physically demanding work and requires heavy lifting. Although we generally work in pairs, a beehive box can weigh between 70-90 lbs and requires a fair amount of strength to lift.
  • In addition, for your own health and safety it is better if you do not work in the apiary if you are allergic to bees. Please let us know before you begin volunteering if you have never been stung.
Steward our Library

Do you get excited shelving books in just the right place? Want to help our community access books? We need an individual or a small group of volunteers willing to steward  our campus library by inventorying books, maintaining our online library software (Librarika), and processing new donations in our physical library at the 21 Acres building. We are looking for someone willing to take on this opportunity to maintain library processes for several months to a year. Volunteer commitment would be a few hours per week or less. This could be a fun family project—or perhaps you’d like to fly solo.


Get Started as a Library Steward

Please email volunteer@21acres.org and tell us why you want to volunteer in the library!

Food Forest Stewards

Are you a passionate gardener, permaculturist, or aspiring green thumb looking to get more involved in your local food system?  


We are seeking volunteers to help us manage our campus food forest. Food forests are a sustainable agriculture practice utilized by Indigenous communities from the Amazon to Canada and beyond, the oldest of which have been dated to over 3,000 years old. These biodiverse ecosystems are made up of layers of trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals that work in relationship with each other to provide habitat and food for local pollinators and people. 


Our quarter-acre food forest features plants such as raspberry, blueberry, thimbleberry, pears, peaches, and more. While the food growing here is abundant, so is the to-do list! The 21 Acres Food Forest needs regular maintenance to keep weeds down and improve access to the edible plants within. Regular tasks may include: Weeding, mulching, watering, planting, harvesting, pruning, and other special projects. What’s great about this role is you can eat as you work! 

Time commitment: 1-2 hours per week. Day of the week and timing are flexible during our open hours. 


Skills needed: Beginner to expert gardeners are all welcome. No prior farm experience required. All tools provided.  


Interested in this role? Email Hillary at volunteer@21acres.org. 


Volunteers ages 13-15 need an adult participant volunteering with them, and anyone under the age of 18 needs parent/guardian permission. 

The Goatees 

All goatees positions are currently filled. To join the waitlist, please email volunteer@21acres.org.


Interested in learning more about livestock and their role in an agroecological system? Join the Volunteer Goat Team (otherwise known as The Goatees)! Day of the week and timing to be determined based on volunteer availability. Support our farm staff in caring for our year-round residents: our goats! Come get to know them and their unique job here on the farm. Volunteers will assist with tasks including: 

  • Grooming 
  • Hauling compost from farm market 
  • Hauling water 
  • Installing fencing 
  • The all-popular stall mucking 
  • Other special projects 

There will also be opportunities to learn more specialized care like hoof trimming, if desired. No prior farm or livestock experience required. Rain or muck boots recommended. All tools provided.


To sign up, or if you have questions, email Hillary at volunteer@21acres.org. 


Volunteers ages 13-15 need an adult participant volunteering with them, and anyone under the age of 18 needs parent/guardian permission.