virtual building tour

Virtual Building Tour

What is a green building? Join Barry Febos, Energy Manager and Educator, on this inside look at the 21 Acres LEED-Platinum certified building.

21 Acres Building Tour: Introduction

Introduction to the Building. In this inside look at the LEED-Platinum certified building at 21 Acres, we’ll talk about what LEED is and some fundamentals of green building design in action.

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Building Tour Features

Heating and Cooling from the Earth Take a look at the ways we use the earth to heat and cool our building.


Passive Solar Design What about windows? Let’s take a look at the building’s design features that allow it to capture solar heat in the winter and keep the heat out in summer.


Rooftop Solar Features Power from the sky! But it’s not all about the solar panels–we also rely on our living roof and skylight panels to offset building power.

Super-Efficient Elevator How does our Kone Eco-Space elevator work? It’s different from most elevators you’ll see in commercial buildings!


Lighting and Insulation How do we reduce our use of electric lighting and heating? From automated controls to Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s), take an inside look at our lighting and insulation.

Energy Monitoring with Egauge Explore our energy monitoring system (Egauge), which allows us to track and view our usage and solar production in real time.


Low-Impact Water Systems Take a quick dive into our sustainable waste water and storm water systems. From permeable pavers and rain gardens to anaerobic digestion and wetland restoration.


Composting Toilets Our foam-flush composting toilets allow us to use 95% less water than conventional toilets and 80% less water than a convention building of our size! Come check out it works.

Heating from The Earth Check out our ground source heating system (AKA geothermal). By capturing the temperature of the earth, ground source heat pumps are able achieve more than 3 times the efficiency of a conventional furnace.


Low-Impact Ventilation From demand controlled ventilation and electrostatic filters, to one of the most unique spaces in our building: the ventilation tubes. Come explore ways of saving energy and resources through ventilation systems.