Our Certified Organic farm is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the source of inspiration during our workdays, it shows up on the shelves and in the deli case when the Farm Market opens, and it offers itself to our community. The farm’s close proximity to Seattle’s urban core creates a unique opportunity to learn about the significance of farmland preservation efforts. And it’s there when we go home to prepare a hearty meal at the end of the workday. Our work revolves around the food we grow, and we feel extremely fortunate and privileged to share it with you. Our farm represents how important efforts to introduce resilience can also be places where your food is simply grown.


What's Happening on the Farm?

Winter has everything with frost; leaves have fallen, the ground is frozen. The goats bathe in the sun, yet the apiary is dormant. We have ordered the new seeds for this growing season, and a new plan for the farm is complete. As time of daylight increases we see more birds. They are eating leftover seed heads from flower stems and scavenging under the fallen leaves. The garlic is slowly poking its leaf tips out from the soil, waiting for warmer days and softer soil. Visitors will experience cool air and a serene walk at this time of year.

Where Does the Food Go?


The lions share of the produce we harvest from the 21 Acres Farm is sold through the Farm Market. Some of the food goes to our kitchen to be used as ingredients for our culinary classes or for delicious meals for events.  Much of it is used for food-to-go offered in our seasonal deli in the Farm Market. During the summer, the kitchen staff preserves berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other warm season crops to enjoy during the winter. Produce is also distributed a number of ways in our community. Some is donated each week to a local organization that distributes food to families in need.  We sell some of the harvest produce through the Puget Sound Food Hub to local restaurants and businesses. We’re also happy to sell bulk produce to home canners who pre-order to make sure they have the quantities and varieties they need.