21 Acres is working with Stephen Johnsen of High Performance EV to build an 18-foot refrigerated, long range electric truck (entirely emission-free) for moving food from local sustainable farms to area chefs and food service providers.  We’re looking for volunteer help. Learn more!

All Electric Refrigerated Box Truck

This project is quite the challenge — there have been electric truck companies come and go across the country, many have claimed bankruptcy, and the ones that are left don’t have a viable option for our needs: large volume capacity, refrigeration for fresh and frozen food, and to be able to travel over 200 miles per day with only one charge to make all of the food deliveries.

The truck will be especially unusual in that it will be based on a 1954 GMC with a state-of-the- art refrigeration unit on the back.  It will be quite the show stopper! We’re focused on delivering the cleanest, most sustainably produced food from area farmers to school children, hospitals, childcare centers, hot restaurants and other commercial buyers who are lovers of local food — without any carbon emissions.

For more information about this project, email Robin Crowder, rbcrowder@21acres.org.