21 Acres is working with Stephen Johnsen of High Performance EV to build an 18-foot, long-range electric truck (entirely emission-free) for moving equipment and supplies among regenerative farms and transporting food from those farms to area chefs and food service providers. This will be the ultimate 12-ton, fully battery-powered, repurposed, reused, recycled electric truck to amplify conversations about food systems and climate change. 

Vintage All-Electric Truck -- The ultimate repurpose, reuse, recycle project

THE LONG-RANGE TRUCK IS A SHOW-STOPPER WITH A CLASSIC 1954 GMC CAB. It is entirely emission-free – a climate-friendly model for moving food from local sustainable farms to Seattle Metro area chefs and food service providers. The truck is also perfect for transporting farm equipment in the most sustainable manner.

The 21 Acres electric delivery truck has a modern 100% electric powertrain and has used local labor for the extensive design, fabrication, and integration. Stephen Johnsen says, “We have sourced as many US made parts as possible; the batteries are from California, some control modules from Missouri, the gauges from Utah and California, the electric motor and drive controller as well as the super-insulated box are from Oregon, and the onboard chargers are from Washington. It’s exciting seeing the truck come together knowing much of its components are American-made and it has the striking appearance of a classic restored truck that will attract attention wherever it goes!”

For more information about this project, email Robin Crowder, rbcrowder@21acres.org.