CHOMP! Find 21 Acres at King County’s local food event

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CHOMP! Find 21 Acres at King County’s local food event

  • date: August 18, 2018
  • time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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  • Join some of us from 21 Acres at King County’s free annual event celebrate local foods, CHOMP! 

    CHOMP! supports King County Executive Dow Constantine’s Local Food Initiative by celebrating local farmers, chefs and restaurants using locally-sourced food, and local organizations specializing in healthy food, sustainability, and social justice. There are six special areas throughout Marymoor Park where people of all ages can learn about the local food economy. 21 Acres curates the Farmer Village area of the park. Here’s a description:


    What role do farmers play in the local food system? Is it just producing food, or perhaps there’s more? Are food waste and food production connected? Just what is gleaning and does it provide creative solutions to feeding people? How does food get from farms to chefs’ kitchens? Does all food need to look uniform and perfect to taste good? Where can you go to see food being produced and get a real farm experience? And, just what can you do to eat more local?

    Find out answers to all of these questions and more at the Farmer Village. Partners who work across the spectrum of the food system will be on-hand offering resources, creative ideas and sharing interesting things you may not already know, plus offering plenty of fun activities for all ages.

    Calling all kids!
    Join the zucchini races!

    Zucchini goes zonkers in summer – growing as much as 2 inches a day! Farmers, gardeners and chefs are on the lookout for creative ways to use more zucchini, from baking bread, to cooking casseroles, to feeding to pigs and chickens, to adding to compost for more nutrient rich soil. At CHOMP!, we’ll put zucchini to creative use and kids can make their very own race cars! They’ll decorate a zucchini, add wheels and then zoom it down a race track! Then, we’ll all bask in the glory of finding yet one more way to use this tasty summertime squash.

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