Class: Adaptogens from the Ground Up!

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Class: Adaptogens from the Ground Up!

  • date: July 10, 2019
  • time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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  • We are pleased to partner with herbalist, EagleSong Gardener of the Pacific Wise Woman Center in Monroe, WA for a summer herb series. This 3-part series Bringing Herbs to Life can be taken together or independently to deepen your understanding of bringing herbs to life, your life. However you choose to come, you will go home with confidence in your ability to make decisions about how herbs can benefit your life. It’s simpler than you think!

    An experiential exploration into the wonders of adaptogens for everyday living…

    If you’re interested in herbs, you’ve probably heard the word, ‘Adaptogen’. Adaptogen is a relatively new word in the lexicon of herbalism, coined in the early ’60’s, but the benefits of this group of herbs are known and used in every culture around the planet. The criteria for a plant to be classified as an adaptogen requires the plant be “non-toxic, have non-specific action and be generally beneficial to the whole organism”.
    You might ask, “how can an herb that is relatively non-toxic, non-specific and, generally, good for the entire organism improve your quality of life?”

    Join EagleSong Gardener, an herbalist with 40 years of experience dancing with plants and their medicine from the ground up to see just how easy it is to ally with adaptogens to improve your health and increase vitality every day. 

    In this evening class, you’ll meet 6 local and global herbs: Nettle, Oatstraw, Hawthorn, Ashwaganda, Astragulus and Codonopsis. These 6 simple herbs come from 3 global herbal traditions and represent 6 botanical families. And, if you’re a gardener…you can grow them right here in the Pacific northwest!

    You will learn how these herbs:

    * Increase flexibility
    * Improve immune response
    * Strengthen resilience
    * Increase energy, vitality and innate bodily intelligence
    * Improve sleep
    * Effectively increase the ability to deal with a variety of stressors 
    * Encourage the body’s capacity to normalize functions in the entire body
    * Keep you in the adventure of life as an active participant

    During this 3-hour evening workshop you will:

    * Learn how easy it is to bring the beneficial qualities of adaptogens into your daily life
    * Sample several adaptogenic herbal preparations. You’ll be amazed how delicious they are
    * Receive easy to make recipes for each herb that you can try at home
    * Make and take home an 8 oz. adaptogenic Hawthorn vinegar 

    What to bring:

    * A notebook or journal
    * A favorite mug
    * An 8-oz jar with a tight fitting lid
    * A blanket or mat for outdoor use 
    * A sense of curiosity to see with whole new eyes
    * Bring a snack and dress for the weather


    The other two classes in this group include:

    Bringing Herbs to Life

    Cooling Fire: Meeting Inflammation Head-On

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