Class: Jam’n in June – Canning & Preserving Seasonal Fruit

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Class: Jam’n in June – Canning & Preserving Seasonal Fruit

  • date: June 20, 2017
  • time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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  • First of the year strawberries are a seasonal highlight, especially in the Pacific Northwest! Capture the essence of those sweet berries with a preserving and canning class with Andrea Christensen. In this class, we’ll make a variety of strawberry preserves and jams including classic strawberry jam, classic strawberry preserves, strawberry & lavender jam, and rhubarb & strawberry jam. Class includes tips and techniques for low-sugar, no-pectin preserves, low-sugar pectin jams, as well as water-bath canning fundamentals. We’ll finish class by enjoying the fruits of our labor with fresh baked bread and biscuits. Jars will also be included for guests to take a sampling of jams home.

    We celebrate true farm-to-table cooking at 21 Acres; all ingredients come from local farms, including the 21 Acres Farm. Starting in May, our spring classes begin at 6 pm with a guided walk on the farm.









    Sustainable Culinary Education 

    Our culinary education team enhances the mission of 21 Acres by defining mindful eating from a wider lens perspective. We use only local, seasonal, whole food ingredients in order to promote a sustainable local food system, support our local agricultural ecomony, and reduce our carbon foot print by purchasing ingredients that travel less miles from farm to table. Focusing on whole food ingredients also enhances the nutritional value of our recipes. All of our classes strive to teach delicious, simple recipes using everyday culinary techniques that make it easy for students to incorporate healthy meals into their busy lives. We hope our approach will inspire people to embrace local foods and the timeless art of cooking.

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