Class: One Food Three Ways, Sea Vegetables

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Class: One Food Three Ways, Sea Vegetables

  • date: September 29, 2016
  • time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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  • So you think veggies only come from your garden or the farm? Welcome to the new world of seaweed! These sustainable plants might be your new go-to green, especially when other local greens can be slim this time of year! They are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and umami flavor (the fifth sense of taste). The versatile textures of seaweed make it adaptable to any dish from soups, baked goods, main dishes, and desserts. Explore the vegetables of the ocean with Chef Shelby Minnick from Honest To Goodness. In this hands-on class you’ll have the opportunity to use various seaweeds in three delicious dishes: salad, a main course of nori wrapped salmon, and a decadent chocolate panna cotta dessert. Relish in your new ingredient find as you conclude the evening tasting samples among friends.

    Shelby Minnick: Honest to Goodness Personal Chef
    After graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle’s culinary program, I am energized and enthusiastic about Seattle food offerings and opportunities! A Montana girl hailing from a long line of good cooks, I bring my passion for creating good food to your table. Combining modern and traditional methods, I can prepare a wide variety of cuisines to your exact preferences. Allow me to take care of the kitchen work so that you can enjoy your free time and delicious home-cooked meals. The important and unique relationship we all have with food should be savored and stress-free!

    Registration is required in advance for culinary programs. All proceeds benefit educational programming at 21 Acres and initiatives related to accelerating social change toward more sustainable ways of growing, eating and living that protect the environment while supporting a better quality of life.