Dry Farming: More Flavor, Less Water

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Dry Farming: More Flavor, Less Water

  • date: August 24, 2024
  • time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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    Did you know that there are farmers growing varieties of tomatoes, squash and other vegetables that need zero irrigation and taste absolutely delicious? How is that possible, you ask? Dry farming! And in this era of rising temperatures and extended periods of drought due to climate change, dry farmed produce offers an important opportunity to bolster local food systems and our home gardens.

    Join Farm Manager, Ansley Roberts, for a special farm tour focused on dry farming trials here at 21 Acres. You’ll also have a chance to taste test dry farmed versus irrigated tomatoes, and to gain valuable information from our partners: the Dry Farming Institute, King Conservation District, UW Farm, and Oxbow Farm.

    Stay tuned for details!

    (This is a photo of dry farmed tomatoes grown last season on the 21 Acres farm. They tasted as wonderful as they look!)