Culinary Series: Fresh from the Farm Everyday (Fall Harvest)

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Culinary Series: Fresh from the Farm Everyday (Fall Harvest)

  • date: October 10, 2017
  • time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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  • Fresh from the Farm | Fall Harvest Cooking Series

    Spinning off from our wildly successful youth culinary program, Cultivating Cooks, comes the adult version of this hands-on, back-to-basics culinary series. Why should the kids have all the delicious fun?! We’re excited to welcome Chef Andrea Christensen and Cody Castiglia as the culinary coaches and mentors for this program. Discover a fresh-from-the-farm approach to cooking for you and your family. The classes are scheduled as two, 4-week series (101 and 201) and designed to inspire and support new and seasoned cooks alike!

    In the 101 series, you’ll learn and fine tune a variety of kitchen foundations like knife skills and cooking techniques as we explore simple farm-to-table menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes. In the 201 series, we’ll prepare to usher in the holidays with an exploration of seasonal and local ingredients paired with holiday recipe favorites. Each 4-week series is offered at a significant discount from individual class offerings (regular attendees save $81, members save $51). Cooking is an experience, not just a meal, and we look forward to sharing this culinary journey with you! Read more about each series below! With wheat, dairy, vegetarian options available.

    Fresh from the Farm Everyday | Local Seasonal Cooking for Every Meal (4 Week Series)

    Week 1 – Tuesday, October 10: What’s for Lunch? Fall Harvest Soups & Salads (Andrea)
    We’ll kick-off week 1 with a focus on developing confident knife skills by chopping a variety of fall vegetables, such as sweet winter squash and savory root vegetables, for delicious fall harvest soups and salads. Recipes may include roasted squash and sage soup, toasted grain salads and hardy lentil soup with locally sourced sausage and vegetables. 

    Week 2 – Tuesday, October 17: What’s for Breakfast? Whole Grain Breakfast (Cody)
    In week 2, we’ll enhance our cooking skills by learning about locally sourced whole grains and make-ahead breakfasts like spiced whole grain granola, simply sensational baked and overnight oatmeal, breakfast cobblers and more!

    Week 3 – Tuesday, October 24: What’s for Dinner? One-Pan Dinners (Cody)
    Week 3 will focus on sustainably raised meats, from local farms and ranches, seasoned with fresh herbs and incorporated into the ever popular one-pan dinners! These easy-to-throw- together meals will make your fall dinners quick, easy and flavorful! You’ll come away with a variety of simple ways to answer the time-old, “What’s for dinner and when can we eat?” questions.

    Week 4 – Wednesday, November 1:  What’s for Dessert? Everyday Baking & Desserts (Andrea)
    Week 4 completes our fall harvest cooking series with everyone’s favorite menu item – dessert! In this class, we’ll focus on alternative sweeteners and healthy delicious dessert and baking recipes that can be made easily every day. Recipes include dark chocolate chip cookies with toasted hazelnuts, dark chocolate gluten-free brownies and spiced pumpkin Bundt cake.

    Click here for information about the Fall Harvest Cooking 201 Series, Fresh from the Farm Holidays, beginning November 7th.

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