Farm Club: Creatures in the Soil!

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Farm Club: Creatures in the Soil!

  • date: July 22, 2020
  • time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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  • Bringing the farm and fun to you! Twice a month, we will pose a new challenge or activity that can be done from home. After trying out the activity, youth are encouraged to join us for a community share on Zoom.

    This week’s challenge is to explore soil! Is soil alive? Who lives in soil? What makes soil healthy?

    How to do it:

    1. Spend some time observing soil around you. Check out a park, a potted plant, soil from a yard, soil from the sidewalk. Does all the soil and feel look the same? How is different?

    2. Use a small container (I like a jar or yogurt cup) to collect a soil sample from the soil that interested you the most. Ideally choose soil from somewhere outdoors with the most creatures in it.

    3. If you want to learn more about soil, check out our virtual farm field trip here:

    4. On the Farm Club zoom call, we will explore and compare our soil samples.

    Please bring your soil sample, a pencil, & scrap paper to our zoom call!

    OUR COMMUNITY SHARE ZOOM CALL WILL BE ON ON JULY 22nd! We will be sharing how this week’s challenge went and learning more about each other’s communities. We will also get a chance to virtually visit the 21 Acres Farm!

    This Zoom call is geared toward youth. All ages and experience are welcome. We will be using the chat box feature on Zoom. If your child needs support, we recommend having an adult present or nearby. As always, accommodations can be made.

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