Resourceful Farmers Summer Camp (Ages 7-12)

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Resourceful Farmers Summer Camp (Ages 7-12)

  • date: July 29, 2019
  • time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
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  • Resourceful Farmers: Be like a real farmer and discover the natural resources of tasty food and healthy soil in this well-rounded summer adventure!

    For ages 7-12; two sessions available: July 8th-12th and July 29th-August 2nd.

    Do you love being outside? Do you love playing in the summer sunshine among growing fields of food and cooking up delicious experiments? Do you love learning about bizarre bugs? We love it all too! Come learn about the natural resources on a truly regenerative farm and how we use what’s around us to be sustainable. From bugs to birds and compost to cooking, campers will get messy while living the life of a farmer – including making all kinds of natural, delicious snacks to fuel the fun!

    Resourceful Farmers is a great camp for students new to summer camps and provides the most well-rounded summer adventure of all our camp offerings. Come join us as we explore, learn, make, and grow together!

    During this week, campers will:

         – Bake (and eat!) cookies using our outdoor rocket mass oven.
         – Make zucchini pizza—that’s right, we have a 100% track record of campers deciding they like vegetables.
         – Explore our wetlands by building catch-and-release traps to get up-close-and-personal with the weird and wonderful critters that live there.
         – Compete in an Iron Chef-style competition to see how fast campers can make something delicious out of a few ingredients.
         – See decomposing in action and bake a potato using only our hot compost pile.
         – Become bug spotters to identify as many species as possible, from butterflies to beetles and worms to winged butterflies.
         – Harvest your own ingredients from the farm to create delicious sun tea every day.
         – Build hotels for our bug buddies who help keep our gardens happy and healthy.
         – Get messy outdoors as we learn the basics of gardening and play fun farm games in the summer sunshine.
         – Add some “cricket crunch” to your diet by frying up some insect snacks!


    21 Acres is a safe, healthy, and packed-with-fun place for young adventurers to learn about a local, regenerative farm. We use sustainable practices without using any nasty chemicals—the perfect setting for an amazing summer experience that’s truly inspiring for kids. During our summer camps, children will explore a variety of wildlife, farm life, crafts, adventures, experiments and games on a real working farm. All summer camps will include:

    Winged Wednesdays—Ever wanted to meet an owl or hold a hawk? Meet John the Falconer to get up-close-and-personal with raptors on Wednesday. After learning more about our feathery friends, you will be ready to build your very own bird house here at the farm.
    Digging in the Dirt—At our summer camps, we love to get dirty! Campers have plenty of supervised opportunities to run, explore, play, and dig in the rich farm soil. Get a real appreciation for what’s just below your feet as you play in the muddy earth. You won’t come home with clean clothes.
    Meet the Animals—Our animals play an important role at the 21 Acres farm. Come meet Lucky & Skippy, our friendly goats, as well as our chickens (and one confused duck!), rabbits, worms and more.
    Walking Field Trips—The area is home to many local farms and experiences we want to share with our campers! Walk with us to the Sammamish River, Tonnemaker’s Farm Stand and other local farms to explore how other people grow food.
    Special Guests—Each week, we will bring experts out to speak about what they know best— salmon scientists, our beekeeper, local chefs, musicians and more.
    Oooh! Smoothies!—The seasonal fruit on our farm is delicious! Pick your own natural fruit ingredients and try experimenting with new flavor combinations.
    Make & Take—We love building things with our own hands, from bug houses to flower-pressing, planters to papier-mâché creations and more. While crafts vary from week to week, campers will always have something to take home and proudly share with friends and family.
    Friday Pizza Party—Who doesn’t love pizza? Help harvest ingredients, prepare, and cook pizzas in our wood-fired oven every Friday. This pizza party caps off each and every week of camp.

    We believe that kids can help heal the planet. 21 Acres is an inspiring place to learn about better farming practices through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, practicing no-till methods, eliminating nasty chemicals and working with Mother Nature as our ally. The 21 Acres Farm, and our network of sustainable and regenerative farms, means hope for the future—a future in which campers will take an active role. We’re excited to learn together about how regenerative farming is a solution to climate change.

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