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Clothing & Shoes

  • Adidas Parley Products
    Adidas is working with Parley to keep plastic out of our oceans by transforming it into high-performance sportswear. Adidas’ Parley products are made with Parley Ocean Plastic: upcycled waste from beaches and coastal communities that is intercepted before it reaches the ocean. external link
  • Ag- Alchemy Goods
    Ag- Alchemy Goods strives to turn useless stuff like blown-out inner tubes, old seatbelts and advertising banners into useful stuff like bags and wallets. external link
  • Amour Vert
    Amour Vert provides clothing made from sustainable fabrics and nontoxic dyes with ethical practices. They follow a zero waste philosophy and are dedicated to leaving a small carbon footprint; for every t-shirt they sell they plant a tree. external link
  • Atayne
    Atayne makes high performing outdoor and athletic apparel from 100% recycled materials (including recycled clothing, plastic bottles and, even, snow crab shells). external link
  • Blue Canoe
    Blue Canoe provides organic, natural, and US-made clothing. external link
  • Bootyland
    Bootyland provides organic, hemp, and PVC-free materials, locally made and reconstructed items, and vintage clothing all with an urban appeal. Their products are created sustainably by sweatshop-free manufacturing companies or local artists. external link
  • Carhartt
    Carhartt manufactures premium clothing known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance. external link
  • Celtic & Co
    Celtic & Co offers a wide range of luxury clothing, outerwear and accessories made exclusively from the finest, all-natural fibres such as cashmere, lamb’s wool, merino, silk, geelongora, alpaca, cotton and bamboo. external link
  • Certified Jeans Seattle
    Certified Jeans Seattle products are made from 100% organic materials, chemical-free, and made in the USA. external link
  • Echo Verde
    Echo Verde makes “slow fashion” classic clothing for women in natural and organic textiles, offering them at value based pricing. Echo Verde is dedicated to ethical business practices, sustainable production, and connecting and forming relationships with retailers and suppliers. external link
  • Eileen Fisher
    Eileen Fisher provides shoes and clothing made from recycled and/or sustainable fibers. The company has a number of green practices (such as supporting organic farming and certified dye houses) and a long-standing commitment to fair trade practices, supply chain impact, eco-conscious fabrics and cause-related philanthropy. external link
  • EMU Australia
    EMU Australia sells footwear (including shoes, boots, and slippers) made from natural wool and sheepskin. external link
  • eqpd
    eqpd is a local micro-manufacturer of everyday gear, primarily a variety of bags and totes. As Industrial Designers, eqpd employees are trained to understand the unique characteristics of materials and use them in their most beneficial ways. Their bags are currently made from: #2 HDPE Recyclable plastic, #3 Vinyl Fabric, Polyester Felt, Leather, Nylon, Brass/Steel. external link
  • Ethos Bio
    Ethos Bio provides clothing and linens that are 100% fair trade and 100% organic. external link
  • Evrnu
    Evrnu is a revolutionary technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber for the creation of new clothing. external link
  • Fair Indigo
    Fair Indigo provides USA-made clothing and accessories, stuffed animals, and gifts that are fair trade, organic, vegan, recycled, and reusable. external link
  • Farm Sanctuary’s Vegan Fashion Shopping List
    Farm Sanctuary’s Vegan Fashion Shopping List is a great list of vegan apparel products and companies. external link
  • Green Apple Active
    Green Apple Active delivers an organic, vegan, chemical-free, bio-degradable bamboo product line.Green Apple Active delivers a high-quality product line of activewear made from bamboo fabric. Green Apple Active products are organic, vegan, chemical-free, and bio-degradable. external link
  • Ibex
    Ibex is a wool clothing company that makes outdoor clothing and cycling apparel. All Ibex products are made from sustainably sourced, high quality merino wool and organic cotton. external link
  • Indigenous
    Indigenous provides customers with organic, fair trade clothing. The company provides the transparency that consumers need when looking for products that are chemical-free and made in fair working conditions. external link
  • Intertwined Designs
    Intertwined Designs provides high quality, durable clothing that is handcrafted in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. All products are handmade by Betsy Cassell-Thomas using hemp (because hemp is strong, requires minimal chemical inputs, and has a higher yield per acre than other fibers). external link
  • John Met Betty
    John Met Betty provides handbags, purses, totes, clutches, and more that are handmade on Bainbridge Island using eco-friendly, vegan, PVC-free faux leather. external link
  • Kate Quinn Organics
    Kate Quinn Organics is an eco-friendly baby and children’s clothing and bedding company located in Bothell. Their products are made with all-natural, organically produced cotton (from seed to packaging), certified under global organic textile standards and colored using low-environmental-impact dyes. external link
  • Kiwi Industries
    Kiwi Industries provides customers with durable, long-lasting clothing made from all-natural and organic fibers. The company is passionate about social and environmental awareness; they only use socially responsible labor and work to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint. external link
  • Last Bottle Clothing
    The Last Bottle Company makes super soft, sustainable shirts from 100% recycled plastic bottles that are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful lives. external link
  • Merrell
    Merrell’s line of vegan-friendly shoes are made without any animal products yet perform as well as their conventional counterparts. external link
  • Native Organic Cotton
    Native Organic is a family owned and operated business whose products are made from 100% USDA certified organic cotton. Native Organic only manufactures in North American factories that are fair trade and sweat shop free. Their products are pre-shrunk and chemical free according to Organic Trade Association standards. Products include sheets, bath towels, kitchen towels, and more. external link
  • Natural Clothing Company
    The Natural Clothing Company provides a wide variety of organic clothing products for adults and children, as well as natural skin care products and eco-friendly kitchen and bath products. Their store operates online at with a shipping office located in the larger Seattle area. Some Natural Clothing products can be found in their sister store, Harmony Massage and Main Street Boutique (located at 10117 Main St, Bothell, WA). external link
  • Natural World Eco
    Natural World Eco sells 100% ecological shoes for men, women, and children. Their shoes are made using 100% organic raw materials like organic cotton and natural rubber. external link
  • Noctu
    Noctu provides organic, cotton nightwear. All Noctu products are made using 100% organic, Fairtrade certified cotton. external link
  • Nube9
    Nube9 makes eco-friendly active wear out of recycled, post-consumer plastic water bottles. external link
  • Olsenhaus Pure Vegan
    Olsenhaus sells vegan shoes and works to educate the public about the leather industry and animal rights. external link
  • Organic by John Patrick
    Organic provides customers with fashionable and organic clothing, while prioritizing organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness. external link
  • Pact
    Pact provides Fair Trade Factory Certified organic cotton clothing for men, women, and babies, as well as 100% organic cotton bedding. Pact partners with OCS (Organic Content Standard), GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), and Fair Trade USA to certify the organic content in their apparel and ensure that all Pact clothing is made ethically and sustainably. external link
  • Patagonia
    Patagonia provides organic clothing, made from recycled and/or chemical-free materials. Their specialty is athletic ware made for climbing, skiing, surfing, etc. Patagonia also donates 1% of their profits to grassroots environmental organizations. external link
  • Rawganique
    Rawganique is a small-scale manufacturer of hand-made, chemical-free, pure organic clothing, footwear, bags, bed, bath, & home products. Their organic products feature organic cotton, linen, and hemp grown in the USA and Europe; their products are colored by nature, natural dyes, and low-impact biodegradable dyes. external link
  • Repreve
    Repreve transforms recycled bottles into an amazing fiber, used by the world's leading brands to make athletic and fashion apparel and more. external link
  • Rethink Fabrics
    Rethink manufactures and distributes apparel produced entirely from recycled plastic bottles. external link
  • RocknSocks
    RocknSocks provides earth friendly foot fashion; socks made from regenerated cotton and Organic cotton. external link
  • Save the Duck
    Save the Duck sells duck/goose down jackets made with synthetic feathers (thus saving the ducks!). Their jackets are ecological and cruelty-free. external link
  • Sole Food
    Sole Food sells organic shoes. external link
  • SOS From Texas
    SOS t-shirts are made from organic cotton grown on certified organic farms. SOS organic cotton products are 100% made in the USA. external link
  • Source Denim Ethical Raw Jeans
    Source Denim worked with Greenpeace to develop their denim, replacing toxic chemicals and dyes with a natural, biodegradable polymer so that each pair of jeans takes less water, uses less chemicals and less energy in their production. Source Denim will repair your jeans for you if they tear within 10 years. external link
  • Sprout Watches
    Sprout Watches is an eco-forward lifestyle brand constructed from sustainable elements such as biodegradable corn resin, bamboo, cork, organic cotton, mother of pearl, conflict free diamonds and Swarovski’s Advanced Lead-Free Crystal. external link
  • Swedish Stockings
    Swedish stockings is the only sustainable hosiery brand in the world. Their products are made from recycled eco yarn. external link
  • Thread
    Thread transforms post-consumer plastic bottles, collected by people earning their way out of poverty, into fabrics. external link
  • Threadcycle
    Threadcycle is a public education campaign of King County and Seattle Public Utilities. Threadcycle campaign partners regularly accept nearly all clothes, shoes, and linens for reuse or recycling. external link
  • thredUP
    thredUP is a fashion resale website for consumers to buy and sell secondhand clothing online; they are the world’s largest secondhand shopping destination. thredUP is part of a larger Collaborative Consumption movement, which encourages consumers to live in a more collective, sharing economy. external link
  • Tiny Fat Bird
    Tiny Fat Bird is a Seattle artist who makes jewelry inspired by natural, organic designs using recycled precious metals. external link
  • Twig & Snip
    Twig & Snip artist, Sara Breakfield, enjoys creating plant dyed garments with reclaimed fabric and mixed media artwork with supplies found in nature (like flowers, fruit, even pieces of iron). external link
  • Uzura
    Uzura provides eco-friendly clothing, pillow cases and bags made from green materials like hemp, organic cotton, and environmentally-safe inks. external link
  • Veja
    Veja is a French brand footwear and accessories known for their ecological sneakers and vegan shoes. Veja works directly with small Brazilian producers, who are organized into cooperatives of organic cotton and wild rubber from the Amazon. external link
  • Zestt
    Zestt provides 100% organic textiles including bedding, rugs, throw pilloqs, kitchenware, accessories, etc. All Zestt products are ethically made and GOTS certified organic. external link
  • Zkano
    Zkano provides customers with American-made socks produced in a family-owned Alabama mill using certified organic cotton, low-impact dyes, and minimal packaging in order to leave a light carbon footprint while ensuring the highest quality fit and comfort. external link