21 Acres Welcomes Venezuelan Entrepreneur & Fellow

21 Acres Welcomes Venezuelan Entrepreneur & Fellow

  • posted on: October 18, 2017
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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21 Acres is pleased to host a young entrepreneur from Venezuela. Fernando Salerno is working on a business plan to help sustainable Venezuelan farmers bring value-added product to market. He is in the states through a program called Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) – run by the World Affairs Council.

Fernando is the founder and CEO of Nispero, a pre-startup venture dedicated to strengthening and empowering farmers by creating easier access to technical experts, more efficient equipment, and valuable financing and market information, with the ultimate goals of enhancing food security and advancing sustainable agriculture. Fun fact: Nísperonipero and mespel are all terms referring to certain fruit-bearing trees or to their fruit in particular.)  

With an MA in Agribusiness Management and a BA in Production Engineering, Fernando hopes to learn about sustainable farming initiatives in our community and examine ways our local farmers are supported and empowered. During his six-day tenure here, at 21 Acres, Fernando will be working closely with 21 Acres staff, assisting with youth field trips, participating in culinary classes, traveling on the road with Farmstand Local Foods, and meeting with our leadership team.

Following his work with 21 Acres, Fernando will complete his fellowship with Agros International, a non-profit organization in Seattle dedicated to changing the poverty equation in (currently) Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. Agros International focuses on five areas of sustainable change: land ownership, market-led agriculture, health and well-being, financial empowerment, and education. 

In order to enhance food security and advance sustainable agriculture, a certain number of “fellows” will get further assistance in their programs from the World Affairs Council.