Advice RE Pursuing Work Related to Food Systems and Sustainable Issues

Advice RE Pursuing Work Related to Food Systems and Sustainable Issues

  • posted on: August 26, 2013
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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It’s wonderful that so many people are interested in pursuing a career related to sustainable issues — men and women of all ages are letting us know of their interest in working in these fields.  I just answered an email from someone inquiring from the east coast and looking to move to Seattle: She is seeking advice about how to enter the field.  I thought I’d take a quick moment to share what I wrote to her as it might be helpful to others:

“It’s exciting that you’re interested in pursuing a career related to sustainable issues.  If you’re interested in food systems, I’d highly suggest that you consider volunteering for various organizations in the area doing good works. In addition to 21 Acres you might want to consider: Washington State Farmers Market Association and individual markets, Cascade Harvest Coalition, Tilth, Slow Money, Northwest Agriculture Business Center and Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network.  You might want to also consider attending the Puget Sound Regional Food Policy Council meetings in order to learn about issues and meet people doing good works in the area.  There are energy-related organizations that you could volunteer for as well.  I am ccíng other staff here who both work for 21 Acres and are well connected with solar and alternative energy organizations. Perhaps they’ll have suggestions for you.  Lastly, there are a number of “Green Drinks” organizations in the area that foster networking opportunities.  I hope this is helpful.  Good luck!”

I know of a number of people who started volunteering for dynamic organizations in the Puget Sound and whose work parlayed into paying positions.  I myself, have had this experience.  Volunteering is a great way to contribute to furthering issues that are important to you as well as showing potential employers your skills and talents. Here at 21 Acres, we’ve hired a number of our volunteers in the past year.

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