Good Morning From The Kitchen

Good Morning From The Kitchen

  • posted on: October 9, 2013
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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Quinoa-Farro Tabbouleh

Good morning from the kitchen!  There is a change in the air and I see it when I look out onto the Farm and see the changing colors on the trees.  It’s absolutely beautiful.

Last week was such a busy week I didn’t get a chance to send out a “hello” from the kitchen.  For three days last week we had tours from local schools and the kitchen was abuzz with the exciting chatter of elementary school kids as they cut tomatoes, grated cheese and prepared pizzas and salads for their lunch.  I happened to be chatting with one of the lads as he grated cheese and I prepared the food-to-go for the Market. He told me that if he had this kitchen he’d make pasta and chicken with a white wine sauce and mushrooms.  This sixth-grader made me excited for the culinary future.  These days kids are learning about sustainable food, farming, picking your own vegetables and preparing them.  The future definitely looks bright.

On Saturday, it was such a marvelous day outside- sunny and warm.  It was perfect weather for farm tours, wandering through the corn maze and for children to pick their own pumpkins.  In the kitchen, we celebrated the day by creating small bites of everything pumpkin!  Asako made mini pumpkin muffins, mini creams puffs filled with a pumpkin pastry cream. I created a pumpkin crostini using her pumpkin bread topped with pumpkins, apples and hazelnuts with spices.  For many it was their first visit to the kitchen.  It’s always so nice to chat with everyone about the foods we serve here and to get to know our customers.

This week will be just as busy and we’ve gotten an early start.  Because it will be a wee bit chilly and rainy the next few days, I’m starting a pot of pork chili.  With pumpkins and green tomatoes in abundance, how about pumpkin slaw and a fried green tomato sandwich? There will also be a Tonakatsu sandwich and a brightly colored Quinoa-Farro Tabbouleh with creamy pumpkin seed dressing.  Asako is making jalapeno cheese bread to go with the chili, pumpkin crème filled horns and pear tarts.  So please don’t hesitate to come visit us, we love visitors in the kitchen.  Rumor also has it there will be another Pumpkin Day this Saturday!  Have a lovely week and stay warm.

— Sue