Invitation for Partnerships from Gretchen Garth, Board President

Invitation for Partnerships from Gretchen Garth, Board President

  • posted on: February 5, 2021
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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Gretchen Garth, Board President This post was written by Gretchen Garth.

As we move forward into the new year, I wanted to briefly outline the transition 21 Acres is undergoing due to the onset of COVID-19, while in the midst of climate change. Thanks to good, solid research by national organizations like Rodale Institute and land grant universities including WA State University’s Extension we understand that part of the solution to global warming lies in the field of regenerative agriculture specifically emphasizing the very basics of our natural resources – soil.   

The 21 Acres campus has been closed to visitors for almost a year with the exception of the Farm Market, which is open two days a week with limited winter farm activity. Like many of you, in early 2020, we cancelled all in-person classes, field trips, camps, and other on-campus events. While farming and the essential work of land stewardship and restoration continues, we shifted our programming mostly to virtual programs. In consideration of the UN climate analysis published 2-3 years ago (warning we didn’t have the time we formerly anticipated to move the economy from fossil fuels to clean energy), 21 Acres began to parallel these realities into a new direction. 

Building upon our work in recent years, four goals have emerged. The first goal is centered on 21 Acres continuing to make connections and share resources around how regenerative agriculture is part of the climate change solution. The second is related to our LEED Platinum building systems and working toward increased outreach engaging engineers, developers, trades and municipalities to broaden implementation of these systems. A third goal is to encourage the technology of an electric refrigerated truck (nearing completion) and share with other entities that transportation of local food can be emission-free. Finally, our fourth goal is to help our community understand the value of our sustainable, pesticide-free local food system and find more ways to engage with farmers in the Sammamish Valley APD (Agricultural Production District).

21 Acres is in the process of finding ways to emphasize this work and is actively looking for assistance from partners with expertise to help keep climate change front and center.

It’s exciting to combine basic principles together in new ways. There are many parts facing us in this emerging economy, driven by 60-70 percent of the population now concerned about the effects of our actions, or lack thereof, on climate change.

Everything is connected. During this long year of quarantine, our community has faced many changes and we have worked to deepen our understanding of how we can take action together. We welcome your involvement on whatever level you can participate.

Please contact Robin Crowder, 21 Acres Co-Director, to learn how we can work together to mitigate climate change. We look forward to a brighter future!

Gretchen Garth

Board President

21 Acres/HumanLinks Foundation