It all starts on a farm…

It all starts on a farm…

  • posted on: June 9, 2017
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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It all starts with a farm. At 21 Acres we believe that small scale, chemical-free farming is the foundation to sustainable eating and living. We value the hard work that local farmers put into growing not only the most delicious food, but also their care for the soil, water, and overall environment in the process.

Our culinary education team enhances the mission of 21 Acres by supporting sustainable agriculture and resilient food systems. We use only local, seasonal, whole-food ingredients. 

This helps to promote the local agriculture economy and reduces our carbon footprint via less miles from farm to table. By focusing on fresh, unprocessed ingredients produced by farmers we know, the nutritional value of all our recipes is enhanced and the flavors are outstanding!

All of our classes teach delicious, easy-to-replicate recipes using basic culinary techniques. At the end of every class, we gather together and share the food that we prepared and talk about flavor nuances and variations on recipes that allow for adaptations at home based on what’s in the pantry or fridge. We have fun discussing all that’s available in the Farm Market and at local farm stands and farmers markets. Ultimately, we inspire people to embrace local foods and the timeless art of cooking.  

We invite everyone to come experience the nuances of our culinary education program. Check out our website for the summer class schedule. Visit the specific culinary education page to learn more about our talented instructors. Finally, considering joining our Facebook group, 21 Acres Culinary Friends. This is a great way to connect with the culinary education team, post questions and resources, and learn about volunteer opportunities with our in-house kitchen team.