It’s All About Community – Large and Small

It’s All About Community – Large and Small

  • posted on: March 25, 2015
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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21 Acres is grateful to be part of communities, both large and small — on the national level we participate in conversations about food systems and sustainability, on the regional level we work to provide resources to folks looking to adopt new ways of doing things and, on the local level, we appreciate being part of Woodinville sharing the north east area of Lake Washington with our caring neighbors and friends. Keeping that in mind, we share this guest blog post from a very local neighbor, Greg Garat, president of the Firefighter’s Benevolent Fund and a full time firefighter:

When you take the time to be mindful that your meal is prepared using food grown in sustainable and healthful ways, you should make sure that the same principles are applied to your dessert.

For me, dessert is synonymous with ice cream, and great ice cream is synonymous with the good all-natural stuff made by our neighbors at Snoqualmie Ice Cream.

That’s why when the firefighters of Woodinville put together our kid-focused Spring Safety and Wellness Fair, we asked the folks at Snoqualmie Ice Cream to donate a bit of ice cream for the little ones.

Instead, they overwhelmed us with their generosity by giving us multiple 3-gallon tubs.

So now we’re inviting every one to our Downtown firehouse for some of the country’s best ice cream (made right here in Maltby, WA) on Saturday, April 4 from 10 am to noon. Us folks in the big red trucks will also be serving up other kinds of yummy food if you need something more. Ok, maybe not as wholesome as the ice cream, but our team has been cooking up a great pancakes and hot dogs for years.

We’d like you guys to join us, and maybe your whole family can learn a few things to be ready for Spring.

Kids wanna use a real fire extinguisher on a real fire? We’ve got that covered. And of course we’ll keep a close eye on them. Grownups are welcomed to give it a go too. For more details or to reserve your spot, follow this link.

Greg Garat, President, Woodinville Firefighters Benevolent Fund
Greg Garat, President, Woodinville Firefighters Benevolent Fund

Greg Garat, President, Woodinville Firefighters Benevolent Fund