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Caroline’s Umami Summer Squash

At 21 Acres we love summer squash, when you work on a farm you have to find ways to use up the glorious summer bounty from this prolific crop. This week we will virtually visit Farm Market Lead Caroline’s kitchen and share from my own kitchen and show you how we use up that surplus.

From Caroline: 
“Zucchini has a reputation for being bland, but if it’s caramelized with fish sauce, lots of garlic, and a brightening squeeze of lemon, I could eat it every day. (And considering how quickly it grows in the summer, I might have to.) The key is to slice it thinly and crank up the heat, so it’s able to get some good browning in before it has the chance to completely fall apart.”

Kari’s Quick Summer Squash with Farm Fresh Eggs

From Kari:
“Summer squash is a newer love for me, as a child I couldn’t get past the slimy-mushy texture that sometimes accompanies it. Through a lot of trial and error I learned just how I like to cook zucchini. Browned, but still firm, so cooking them fast is key.  My preparation is very similar to Caroline’s, I like to quickly saute small spears in some avocado oil with salt and pepper and when I go to turn the heat off, I add soy sauce. My favorite way to serve them is with a hard boiled egg for an ultra healthy lunch.”




If you’re seeking new and creative recipe ideas take a look here. Some of these are tried and true from our kitchen team, others are staff favorites and many are from volunteers and Farm Market customers. All feature local ingredients from farms who use sustainable and regenerative practices. Tell us if you find one that you like!

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