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Beekeeping for Puget Sound Residents, Spring Edition

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Beekeeping for Puget Sound Residents, Spring Edition

  • date: April 8, 2017
  • time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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  • Beekeeping is a most rewarding hobby. Working a beehive is similar to fishing or digging in the garden: you never know what you will experience and you always learn something new. If you are invigorated when you work outside and you enjoy observing plant and animal activity in a natural setting, your chance of enjoying bees is greatly enhanced.

    Just like gardening, beekeeping is a seasonal activity. It starts in the spring as the bee colonies rebuild and ends in the fall when the pollen and nectar sources all but disappear for the winter. This class will introduce you to the necessary equipment as well as help you learn the skills you’ll need to use the equipment. In this class, you will learn how to start your colony, and the importance of colony management. You’ll be introduced to bee feeding methods, general maintenance techniques, troubleshooting in the hive, diseases and treatments, and tips to prevent swarming. Depending on the weather, we may visit the hives and work inside the boxes. Please plan to wear protective beekeeping gear. At a minimum, wear a jacket, veil, and gloves.

    Presenter: Kurt Sahl,21 Acres Staff

    Kurt is the Apprentice Level Master Beekeeper at the 21 Acres apiary and is a member of the Northwest District Beekeepers Association. This will be the sixth season Kurt has kept bees at 21 Acres. This year he intends to start top bar hives as a way to better demonstrate live bee activity to the public.

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