Two Little-Known Tips for Long-Lasting Tulips

Two Little-Known Tips for Long-Lasting Tulips

  • posted on: April 27, 2016
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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My grandmother lived in Anacortes, Washington all throughout my childhood.   Driving to Grandma’s in the Spring, my Mom always took the back roads to catch views of the tulip fields in bloom.  (Personal tip – the view from the cliff on Best Rd just before the La Connor turnoff is spectacular).  I suppose it is little surprise, tulips are by far my favorite flower.

tulips and tulip poster

This time of year, the daffodils have faded but the tulips take up the trumpet to herald the arrival of spring in all its colorful glory.  A vase of tulips in my home makes me happy and reminds me of my grandmother.   Especially, these two tips Grandma used to keep them looking fresh as long as possible:

  • Drop a penny in the vase. If you prefer the look of your tulips with straight stems rather than bowing over the edge of the vase, adding a penny will do the trick.   If your stems are already bowed, the penny will stand them upright again like magic.
  • Stab your tulips. This sounds violent but this is what Grandma said.  When the bloom has opened to your preferred look, take a paring knife and pierce the stem vertically just at the base of the flower.   I have no idea why, but this halts the bloom from opening further.

The other tips for flower arranging from Grandma: 1.  Flowers are individuals, always go with an odd number in the vase; 2.  Daffodils and tulips never mix.  Have tulip or other flower tips of your own?  Please comment below to spread the knowledge.  Happy Spring everyone.

—  Liesl McWhorter