Fun farm camp for teens, elementary-age kids and even the littles!

Fun farm camp for teens, elementary-age kids and even the littles!

  • posted on: May 26, 2017
  • posted by: Robin Crowder
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Send the kids to day camp on the farm and give them lasting memories from an amazing summer! 21 Acres Farm Camp offers six weeks of camps with five different fun themes to choose from.

We’re particularly excited about the first camp of the season which is just for teens, ages 13-18. This starts on Monday, June 26, at noon – the week after most schools let out.

These camps sound like so much fun that it will be a perfect start to summer! For teens, the week is titled, Farm By Design. According to Marshall Leroy, who leads all of our summer camps, “Our main goal will be to learn interesting techniques and styles of managing a garden or farm. Campers will be designing their own farm project as a group which will become a permanent installation in the youth garden.  Some ideas for these projects may be, a ‘bug hotel,’ a hugelkultur mound, or a restoration project. Campers will have the option to create their very own custom project.  We will of course also be playing fun field and farm games every day. One game I’m looking forward to is something I have invented called the grand duel — similar to capture the flag but with our own twist!” Because this camp starts later in the day on the first day, we will be making dinner on the farm rather than lunch on that Monday. (We plan to make lunches together on the farm every day of camp – yum!) Marshall said be sure to share that campers will also get to have hands-on time with the chickens and the very sweet lambs.

Every week of camp culminates with cooking pizza in the outdoor oven on Fridays. Kids will harvest the ingredients, make the pizza and enjoy a tasty lunch. In addition to traditional farm activities, kids make crafts, go on adventures and welcome special guests – the falconer is a favorite.

If you have littles at home, this year we also added one week of camp dedicated to very young children, ages 4-6.

Learn more about each of the camps and see which fits your child – there’s sure to be more than one!


Farm by Design
Ages: 13-18
Dates: June 26-30
Farm by Design is for teens ready to explore the world of garden design. Campers will learn how to design and build a farm or garden from the ground up, and translate these skills into a real project in the 21 Acres youth garden. We will visit local farms, harvest fruits and vegetables from the 21 Acres farm and enjoy the summer sun! This is the perfect camp for young farmers in training or for anyone Interested in landscape design. Campers will be encouraged to take home freshly harvested produce daily!


Farm Life Safari
Ages: 7-12
Dates: July 10-14
The 21 Acres farm offers a window into the amazing world of natural history, through our Farm Life Safari summer camp. From farm animals to insects campers will explore the wide range of life found on the farm through interactive games, crafts, field trips and field studies! We will be creating bug boxes, bird houses and amphibian houses which will help us find and study all of these creatures. If you love natural sciences and love animals you will love the Farm life Safari.


Garden Master Chefs
Ages: 7-12
Dates: July 17-21
Calling all chefs! If you love cooking you will love this summer camp. Come and prepare delicious homemade food using the freshest of farm ingredients. We will explore the farm looking for ingredients chosen by campers to create delicious meals and snacks such as popsicles, preserves and pizza! Play games, cook and eat good food, and enjoy the sun with us!


Pizza Organica X2
Ages: 7-12
Dates: July 24-28
Dates: July 31-August 4
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! Pizza Organica is the summer camp that’s so fun we offer it twice! Help us fire up our wood-fired pizza oven for a week long pizza extravaganza. We will be creating new pizzas every day entirely from scratch. Experiment with new pizza toppings, using topping fresh from the garden. Unique and sustainable pizzas designed and created by you! 


Garden Senses Exploration
Ages: 4-6
Dates: August 7-11
Have your child delight in the full spectrum of senses found on the 21 acres farm! Your child will explore the world of color, sound, smell, taste and touch through interactive learning games, activities and farm fresh food. We will be creating farm themed crafts such as painting planter pots and playing games such as color match. Campers will enjoy handmade snacks using farm fresh ingredients and enjoy playing in the wildflower filled farm fields.