Photoshoot at 21 Acres with Sozinho Imagery

Photoshoot at 21 Acres with Sozinho Imagery

  • posted on: December 11, 2013
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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Photographer: Ed Sozinho; and Assistant: Tegra

To correspond with 21 Acres’ announcement about LEED Platinum certification we recently conducted a professional photoshoot at 21 Acres.  It was an amazing experience. We worked with Sozinho Imagery to capture 22 images of 21 Acres to help tell the story about our green-built campus. Ed Sozinho and his assistant Tegra were a pleasure to work with throughout the process.  From the preplanning months and weeks in advance to the actual day of the photoshoot and then during the followup editing and finalizing process everything went very smoothly.  Ed is an architect by training so that certainly helped us capture compelling images.  Plus, he was very good-natured and laughed a lot. (Important qualities in our mind.) We fed him and Tegra locally produced cheese, organic apples, pickled jalepenos from our farm and tried to fuel them with sustenance during the day.  The ultimate result is this collection of photos shared here.  If you have a minute or two and want to be inspired by some very special photography, visit Ed’s website,  You’ll see why we hired him and why he is a photographer for Patagonia and other well-respected brands.

— Robin Crowder


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