StoryBook Farm – Experiences for Kids on the Farm and in the Kitchen

StoryBook Farm – Experiences for Kids on the Farm and in the Kitchen

  • posted on: February 2, 2015
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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New and fun farm-to-table activities are planned for ages 4 to 11 at 21 Acres! Kids learn about food and food systems while having the fun of being on a farm and helping create tasty treats in the kitchen.

Storybook Farm is a two-hour hands-on adventure perfect for a child’s birthday party or for a social gathering with friends. Each Storybook Farm event has three components tailored for specific age groups that will have them fully engaged:

Part 1: The oral sharing and interpretation of a popular children’s story relating to food ingredients, growing, and/or gardening/farming.

Part 2: An outdoor or indoor activity (depending on weather) designed specifically to create an entertaining learning experience directly related to the story.

Part 3: Staying on the farm or venturing into the kitchen. This is where the story comes together with hands-on, age-specific demonstrations of what it means to connect with food by transforming raw ingredients into amazing and nourishing treats.

Stories and activities are planned for each season as we know one of the best ways to teach kids about nature and food is to let them discover the wonders of it firsthand, no matter the time of year or weather conditions.

For more details or to schedule a Storybook Farm visit, contact Aaron Huston,, (425) 481-1500.

— Aaron