Who is Marshall Mouse? Getting to Know Our Resident Rodent.

Who is Marshall Mouse? Getting to Know Our Resident Rodent.

  • posted on: February 6, 2019
  • posted by: Robin Crowder
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Meet Marshall Mouse! He may be just a mouse, but he’s moved onto our farm in a big way. When taking a walk out on our farm, see if you can spot his hidey-holes, mailbox, and his super-secret seed stash!

Even though Marshall Mouse is hard to track down, we got the exclusive inside scoop on the newest 21 Acres team member.

Q: Where do you live?
A: That’s a very personal question! I can’t give you any hints or it would spoil the adventure.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the 21 Acres farm?
A: I love all the delicious food, from summer tomatoes to yummy squash in the fall. Sometimes I even sneak into the Youth Garden and swipe a colorful flower to chomp on!

Q: Who is your favorite farm friend?
A: I can’t pick favorites! There are so many crawling, flying, and noisy buddies I like to talk to. But the duck and I get along pretty well. Did you know he thinks he’s a chicken? If you see him, say hi for me!

Q: What’s your favorite hobby?
A: I have so many hobbies! My favorites are exploring, learning, digging, and saving seeds I find around the farm. In the fall, I collect seeds from my favorite foods and store them up for planting in the spring. The chest of seeds is super-well hidden, though, so good luck finding it!

Q: Do you ever leave the farm?
A: Of course! I sneak into suitcases, beneath hats, and inside old shoes so people will take me on trips with them. I never know where I’ll end up!

Come tour the farm and see if you can find Marshall Mouse’s house! Post a picture on social media and tag us #21Acres to share your farm adventure! And look for Marshall Mouse’s ongoing adventures right here on the blog throughout the spring and summer.