27 Things We’re Thankful For on Thanksgiving

27 Things We’re Thankful For on Thanksgiving

  • posted on: November 27, 2014
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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We’re wishing you warm and wonderful thoughts during this chilly time of year!  We took some time to list 27 things we’re thankful for at 21 Acres on this 27th day of November, Thanksgiving Day:

  1. Our three wonderful 21 Acres’ farmers, John, Mary and Pepe.
  2. For a long summer and mild fall with enough rainfall for ample bounty this season.
  3. Amazing Northwest food produced by all the hardworking farmers and ranchers in Washington.
  4. For receiving our official Organic Farm Certification on the additional two fields, meaning all of the food 21 Acres grows is now Certified Organic.
  5. Our community gardeners who are inspiring and passionate about growing food.
  6. For the Veteran’s Groups who work and grow on the farm, share expertise and build community.
  7. For our friends and neighbors in the Sammamish Valley for consistently supporting sustainable agriculture.
  8. The local charitable groups and NGOs that are striving to provide more fresh food to people in need.
  9. The good food movement working to fix systemic problems related to getting better food to people who have less than they need.
  10. The national unemployment rate is under 6% meaning that fewer people are without work than they were last year.
  11. That we have good friends and colleagues working through their associations to advance food systems in the Puget Sound: Washington State Farmers Market Association, Northwest Agriculture Business Center, Tilth Producers, Seattle Tilth, Washington State Food and Farming Network, Cascade Harvest Coalition, Slow Money and many others.
  12. Our lovely customers who are committed to shopping in the Farm Market for their weekly groceries and thereby supporting many local, sustainable growers.
  13. Farmers Markets continue to thrive in Washington – providing dynamic venues for customers to get to know their farmers directly
  14. Our sister farm, Cherry Valley Dairy, received a national first place cheese award this year in national cheese headquarters, Wisconsin
  15. Salmon were seen for the first time in a very long time returning to a recently restored creek at Cherry Valley Dairy.
  16. US and China reaching a climate accord – an historic landmark agreement to reduce carbon emissions and that gives us hope.
  17. For alternative energy systems and the growing array of lower cost resources to provide consumers with smarter low carbon solutions.
  18. The fact that more and more people are embracing alternative energy from renewable resources for not only their homes but workplaces too.
  19. For receiving LEED Platinum certification for the design and construction of our green building.
  20. More hospitals, universities, restaurants, food trucks and child care centers are writing food budgets and sourcing guidelines to meet purchasing goals for local farm food
  21. For all the kids who visit 21 Acres with parents, youth groups and schools that fill our work days with smiles and laughter.
  22. For our seamless team of co-workers who strive to spread the message of sustainability every day in their work and personal lives
  23. For our volunteers who help build programs, staff events, and provide assistance in myriad ways every day.
  24. For warm bread and great recipes coming out of the 21 Acres Kitchen and the opportunity to sample and taste new flavors.
  25. For Skippy and Lucky, our resident goats, who never lack a smile when a photographer is nearby.
  26. For the bees who produce our honey – which we often refer to as 21 Acres liquid gold.
  27. We can’t forget the worms – vermiculture – who breakdown compost into nutrient rich material to fertilize the soil.

We wish you a most wonderful Thanksgiving Day!







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