Getting Organized for the New Year

Getting Organized for the New Year

  • posted on: January 2, 2014
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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Happy New Year! Many of us at 21 Acres are tackling organization as part of our New Years resolutions for 2014.  If you too are feeling ambitious here’s an idea that my sister-in-law followed and she said it was very helpful to not feeling overwhelmed: Take 20 days to get organized, focusing on one area each day (see below).  She tried this a few months ago and recommended it to me.  I tried it and it really helped me feel like I had a workable plan.  Another idea you might want to consider is limiting unwanted solicitations, including emails and junk mail as well as telemarketing calls: Visit this website: to get off solicitors’ lists.

Here at 21 Acres we’re also offering three very affordable classes with professional organizer Laura Liest: 1) Right Sizing: Less Stuff=Less Stress; 2) Organizing Digital and Print Memories; and 3) Eliminate Paper and Information Chaos.    Read Laura’s bio below — she’s amazing — then register and join us for one or all of these classes.



Day 1     Computer desk

Day 2     Plastic container storage

Day 3     Linen closet

Day 4     Under kitchen sink

Day 5     Dresser drawers

Day 6     Kitchen pantry

Day 7     Coat closet

Day 8     Toy organization

Day 9     Laundry room

Day 10   Fridge and Freezer

Day 11   Spice cabinet

Day 12   Medicine and Vitamins

Day 13   Under bathroom sink

Day 14   Mail station

Day 15   Keepsakes

Day 16   Master closet

Day 17   Craft supplies

Day 18   Photos and kids artwork

Day 19   Garden/tool shed

Day 20   Then, consider tackling the car!

Bio: Laura Leist Laura is an award-winning entreprenur and self-described overachiever who has grown her company, Eliminate Chaos, from a one-woman show into a thriving business. She has written eight books, including her newest, Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity and best-selling Eliminate Chaos:  The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life.  Leist’s clients include CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations, paper- and system-fatigued law offices, high-profile authors, speakers, athletes, media personalities, solopreneurs, and divas of domesticity. Though her clients come from all walks of life and all fields, they share a universal need for help to escape the clutter, disorganization, and lack of productivity that steal valuable time from their lives and puts a crimp on their earning potential.