Help 21 Acres Select a House Blend

Help 21 Acres Select a House Blend

  • posted on: October 18, 2014
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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Fofcee Coffee

Coffee choices are often very personal.  Some people like light, blonde coffee.  Some people like a medium roast, and some people like a dark roast.  How to choose?

21 Acres has solved our dilemma of what coffee to serve at our events by letting you, the members and visitors to the Market, make the choice!

Saturday, October 18, is Members Appreciation Day from 10 am til Noon.  In conjunction with an adventure in the pumpkin fields to choose your personal pumpkin, there will be refreshments, a Kitchen Demonstration, a children’s activity, and a coffee tasting/choosing time.

Fofcee Coffee is a coffee-focused Social Purpose Corporation, whose mission is to take care of their customers, employees, the environment, and the people that grow the coffee they use. They offer a wide selection of Rainforest Alliance certified, Fair Trade certified, USDA Organic, shade grown beans, and all beans are grade 1. The decaf beans are made using Swiss Water Process. The bags they use for ground coffee are compostable.  Fofcee will be offering 4 regular blends and 2 decaf blends for you to sample.  This up and coming coffee roaster specializes in creating a blend just for the customer, then roasting it in small batches so the taste is consistent.  The two blends I have tasted so far have made me swoon (-:

At the coffee tasting, Kevin and Matt, business partners for Fofcee, will have information about coffee, how to make the perfect cup, what grind is best for your coffee maker, and much more information about coffee bean sourcing, roasting and grinding.  Prepare to be educated!!

We will ask you to taste the different blends, rate them, then put in a vote for your favorite.  After the final tally is in whichever blends are the winners (regular and decaf) will become the 21 Acres Blends. We will serve the 21 Acres Blend at all events from then on and you will have had a part in the choice!  I am thanking you in advance for your input.

At noon, the tasting party will move to the demonstration area of the Farm Market.  Shoppers who come to the Market will be asked to participate in the tastings as well.  We are truly trying to create a democratic experience.  The tasting in the Market will run from Noon until 2 PM.  If you aren’t able to attend the Member Event, please come see us after Noon in the market.

I am excited to see which blend is the most popular.  Many, many coffee drinkers in the future will thank you for your participation.

— Karen