Learn Something New — Farm Market Demonstrations and Book Signings

Learn Something New — Farm Market Demonstrations and Book Signings

  • posted on: January 13, 2015
  • posted by: 21 Acres
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Meghan Tenhoff works in our Farm Market at 21 Acres. She is responsible for scheduling and hosting demonstrations each Friday and Saturday in the Market from 12:30 to 1 pm. Meghan loves cooking and using local ingredients. She gets particularly excited about helping others learn something new and taste and try delicious foods. Visit the 21 Acres website for the demo schedule for the first quarter of the New Year. In particular, we are all looking forward to February 7 when we host Madeline Eyer for her book signing.

Here’s what Meghan has to say about Madeline:  

I actually met Madeline Eyer my first time working at 21 Acres.  I was just hired as temporary event staff, helping with cooking classes and other special events. When I got the call to work the first class, I was not knock-my-socks-off-excited to help with a Raw Vegan “cooking” class.  When I arrived, however, Madeline gave me a warm smile and instructed me on a bit of prep work — I peeled and juiced lemons, measured chia seeds….

As I watched Madeline work, saw her passion for eating, and teaching people how to eat, a raw vegan diet, I began to appreciate it. I sampled all the things she made — a green smoothie, almond milk and chia seed breakfast, nut butter and sprouts served on a cracker made of dehydrated vegetables. Eating the food prepared by Madeline was like eating pure energy.  I felt great.

Upon reflection, helping in that class is what made me fall in love with 21 Acres.  Not only does the organization have a mission that I try to live by, but perhaps more importantly, warm people, helpful ideas and a fresh approach to eating and preparing food.

Madeline will be preparing a Warming Green Smoothie and signing her book, Essential Green Smoothies, in the 21 Acres Market on February 7 at 12:30 pm. Please join us!