Legislation News for Our Climate Community

Legislation News for Our Climate Community

  • posted on: February 18, 2022
  • posted by: Rebecca Jordan
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Community member draws Earth Day sign on a chalk board to advocate for issues that matter to them. Dear 21 Acres Community, 

You’ve been a part of our community for a long time. You’ve pulled weeds and built refrigerators, supported local farms, taught us about farm practices and green energy, and changed us in ways that it would take us an eon to list. 

We are continuing to learn so much from you—and you’ve told us that you are hungry, as we all are, for ways to make a real difference in our climate and our environment. 

That’s why we’re eagerly watching what’s happening in this current legislative session. This period has huge potential to impact climate change—more than ever before. From improved energy codes to electrification to equity in farming, these changes in Washington State are inextricably tied to issues that you’ve told us you’re interested in. 

As we follow the example of other organizations who also care about these issues, we’re eager to share information that might interest you. Among the usual stories we share about work at 21 Acres and in the climate community beyond, you’re likely to also see blog posts and mentions of advocacy in our newsletter. Our Advocacy page will enable you to quickly follow issues that you care about. 

Thank you, our incredible community of passionate changemakers, who continue to look for ways to improve our world every day. If you have ideas or want to know more, let us know! Email us: generalinfo@21acres.org.